Artificial Grass Accessories

Artificial grass has risen in popularity due to it being easy to maintain and aesthetic appeal. However, one of the biggest concerns faced by people wanting to lay artificial grass is how to secure it properly, so it remains in place all year round.

Our artificial grass accessories range has everything you need to install artificial grass. Whether you’re looking for performance pads to add an extra spring, geotextile layers to stop weeds from growing through, u pins for artificial grass and much more, we have the accessories for you.

Artificial Grass Accessories

Artificial Grass Accessories Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to secure artificial grass?

The best way to secure your artificial grass will depend on your personal needs and requirements, for example, weather conditions, footfall and purpose. However, choosing to use seaming tape and glue is a highly recommended installation method. Tape and glue provide a clean, seamless, aesthetic look without any nails or staples running the appearance or seams of the grass.

Do you need to nail down artificial grass?

Nails are not always required when installing artificial grass. Unless wind is able to get under the laid artificial grass it will not rise up or blow away. It is important to get your artificial grass properly installed to ensure it is secure.

Does artificial grass need to be taped and glued?

No, you won’t always need glue and tape for your installation, it depends on the size of the area. At BuzzGrass, our grass rolls come in 2m and 4m wide rolls. so, if your area is larger than 4m wide, you will need to join 2 pieces of artificial grass together – and this is where the joining tape and glue is needed.

Do I need to rake or brush my artificial grass?

Leaves, twigs, mud and dirt can collect on your artificial turf which can destroy the quality overtime. Therefore, an essential part of your artificial grass maintenance is brushing. This helps clear any debris and keep the fibres standing up.

When using a rake or brush it is important to use a soft bristles brush or a specially made artificial grass rake to ensure you don’t damage the turf.

Do I need artificial grass cleaner to clean my grass?

No, however it is recommended to keep your artificial grass looking and smelling its best. 

At BuzzGrass, our all-in-one artificial grass cleaner will disinfect your grass in minutes. Simply, follow the instructions on the bottle and you’ll be left with a lovely fresh cut grass scent.

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