Our customers have used artificial grass in various ways to show off a variety of products and services. Event grass or even an artificial grass rug can help a brand to stand out when there are hundreds of other stalls exhibiting to the same audience. Anything that attracts a visitor’s eye is an advantage.
  • artificial grass for kids bedroom
  • artificial grass for kids bedroom

Artificial grass for exhibitions

BuzzGrass artificial turf is suitable for transporting long distances and it is quick and easy to install too. Since most company stands at events or exhibitions are likely to be pressured by a small time frame to set up, an artificial grass display can be rapidly laid and installed, whilst creating a buzz with exhibition onlookers.


Completely transform any event with artificial grass

There are a huge number of indoor and outdoor events in different locations, each offering a unique use for artificial grass. These include displays inside shops and shop windows, a relaxing picnic area at large events, and an outdoor space where viewers can watch popular sporting events outside on giant screens. Our artificial floor solutions can make any event come to life whilst also creating a memorable atmosphere by bringing the outdoors, indoors. For inspiration, see some of our previous display installations.

An eye-catching artificial grass feature will amaze attendees due to its authentic look. Each display grass that BuzzGrass offers is extremely durable and easy to install, no matter the size of the event. Just simply cut the grass to the edge of your desired space, trim the edges and vacuum any loose turf fibres, before moving into the desired position. The installation couldn’t be easier!


How to choose the best artificial grass for an exhibition?

BuzzGrass offers multiple products to suit every situation, regardless of the use of the display grass and the weight of the objects placed on it.

For heavily used spaces, we recommended using an 8mm-24mm pile height grass to sustain the level of foot-traffic for the duration of the exhibition. We have cost-effective products like our Signature and play range, which are ideal for events.

If you have any specific questions regarding which artificial turf for showrooms would best suit your needs, please contact our friendly team who will be happy to answer any queries you may have.