Our artificial grass for dogs is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Take a look at our handy comparison guide that will help you to decide which type of artificial grass is best for your pet, or ask our friendly team.

Whether it’s a run around before bedtime, a lounging day soaking up the summer rays or a session of fetch, artificial grass for pets allows this to be a fun, clean and easy experience.

  • A dog looking very happy lying on fake grass.
  • Two chocolate Labradors on artificial grass.
  • A golden Labrador lying on an artificial lawn.
  • A small puppy having fun on a fake grass lawn.
  • Dog on artificial grass.
  • A cute puppy on BuzzGrass Signature grass.
  • A dog looking very happy lying on fake grass.
  • Two chocolate Labradors on artificial grass.
  • A golden Labrador lying on an artificial lawn.
  • A small puppy having fun on a fake grass lawn.
  • Dog on artificial grass.
  • A cute puppy on BuzzGrass Signature grass.

Is Artificial Grass Safe for Dogs and Pets?

Yes, artificial grass is safe for dogs and pets. It allows urine to slip right through the grass barriers without damaging the quality of the grass at all. Larger deposits would need to be cleaned up but the grass can simply be sprayed and wiped down to be kept clean and hygienic. With a clean and wipe down once a day your artificial turf will stay (almost) brand new.

Many of our happy customers have chosen fake grass for dogs simply because they know many other pet owners have used this for their furry family members. All of our products are totally pet friendly, so if you are looking for the best artificial grass for pets, look no further than BuzzGrass.

We also offer dog friendly accessories that will make both dog owners and their pets happy. Our performance pads are for using underneath your turf, to cushion the surface if your grass will be installed on top of concrete or other hard surfaces. The pads are made from Polyurethane foam, which is specially designed to drain, without the need for additional holes, Padding under your grass is great if you would like to make your surface softer for your young children and pets.

Just take a look at some of our happy animals below enjoying their pet friendly artificial grass.

The Benefits of Artificial Turf for Dogs and Pets

There are numerous benefits to having fake turf in your garden, especially when it comes to your little friends:

Safe for Pets

Our pet friendly artificial grass is totally safe for pets and they will enjoy bounding around a soft and clean lawn. Another benefit is that artificial grass lawns don’t attract bugs like natural grass does, so your pooch won’t be bringing in any unwelcome visitor such as fleas and ticks. The materials we use in manufacturing the grass are all non-toxic and won’t have been treated with harmful chemicals like some natural lawns will.

No Muddy Paws on Your Carpet

Keeping your home clean can be a difficult task for dog owners if your pooch comes in from the garden covered in mud after having fun rolling around on a natural lawn. Dogs and other animals will always have a tendency to bring a bit of chaos to your home but at least an artificial lawn will save you a bit of time when it comes to cleaning.

Hard Wearing and Durable

Artificial grass made of the highest quality materials is hard wearing, weather resistant, and long lasting. That means a win-win as your artificial lawn is both value for money and is also a low maintenance alternative that won’t take a great deal of work to look make it look as good as it did when you first bought it. There won’t be the stained grass patches you can get on natural lawns where you pets have had just a little too much fun!

Great for Play

Dogs can enjoy a clean and fun surface that is both bouncy for those energetic moments and comfortable for when pets just need to snooze. And if you’ve got a small dog or other small pets, an artificial lawn means they won’t lost or daunted by long overgrown natural grass and can have the pleasure of just chilling out with its owner.

Enjoy Green Grass All Year Round

The great thing about artificial grass is that it looks fantastic throughout the year, not just in the summer months. Come November there will be no danger of muddy paws coming into the house or the need to run a bath to get your pooch clean.

Easy to Clean

Artificial grass is super-easy to clean, if you’re dealing with leaves it is just a question of sweeping them away with a brush. When it comes to dog urine, hosing down the artificial grass will usually suffice. Dog mess and any other animal waste you will just need to remove and hose down if necessary or use a mild-detergent to prevent bad odours.

Hard to Dig up

It can be hard to stop dogs digging as it is one thing they love to do but well-fitted artificial grass installed correctly is almost impossible for your pet to dig up. Even your rabbit!

Drains Quickly

A real lawn can get those puddles that hang around after rain storms or even less attractive, pools of pet urine. An artificial lawn installed correctly will drain quickly. All of our artificial grass has drainage holes to deal with both heavy rain and dog urine. Coupled with weed membrane you will have a surface that remains level and true all year round.

Pet Friendly Artificial Grass

Your dog and pet friendly artificial grass doesn’t just have to be for the garden. Conservatories, utility rooms or anywhere your dog likes to lie can benefit from it too. Indoor grass for dogs is great for potty training puppies as well as giving them a nice section of the outside, with the warmth of the inside.

Unlike real grass, our synthetic grass for dogs is designed to withstand any mess a dog or other pets may make. You won’t find any brown spots or dead patches on BuzzGrass turf, no matter what your pets get up to.

Our fake grass for dogs will ensure your furry friends get used to going to the toilet on grass surfaces and best of all, it’s incredibly simple to wash and clean!

Artificial Grass for Kennels

We have previously had kennel owners and dog boarding facility managers get in touch with us to install some fake grass for dogs at their residence. It makes for an easy-to-manage grassy run for the dogs who are living there.

When looking for artificial grass for kennels you need to ensure it’s high-quality to keep your paying customers happy and ensure a safe and enjoyable environment for your four-legged guests.

One of our happy clients in Horsham decided to purchase some of our artificial grass for their boarding kennel and create their own dog run. They were able to install the grass themselves and the difference is amazing. The dogs can now enjoy the dog run all year round – happy dog, happy clients!

Get in touch with us today to order some samples for your kennels – you’ll never have to mow or treat the lawn again!

How Much Does Dog Friendly Artificial Grass Cost?

To cover your garden in dog friendly artificial grass, the price will obviously vary depending on how big your space is.

Check out our artificial grass range to see what style will suit your pet’s needs. There are advantages to each type of artificial grass for dogs, but ultimately it comes down to what you want in your garden or home and what’s going to look and feel the best for your feet and your pets’ paws.

What Happens if a Dog Urinates on Artificial Grass?

If your dog urinates on your artificial grass regularly, spray the area with our mild disinfectant. You could also make your own using equal parts of water and vinegar to help remove the smell, or warm soapy water. The dog urine and cleaning products will drain away quickly after cleaning, and will not stain your artificial grass.

What Is the Best Artificial Grass for Dogs?

All of our artificial grass would be fantastic when it came to choosing a new lawn but if we had to make a recommendation we’d go for the Signature or Luxe as both have a luscious natural feel that both dog owners and their pets will love. Your pets will love the quality pile of our grass, with the pile height being the perfect solution when it comes to have a place for pets to play and snooze.

How to Install Artificial Grass for Dogs

Artificial grass installation for dogs is very much the same as our super-handy guide how to install artificial grass. You won’t go far wrong with that! So, you would be looking at the same process for normal installation with a few minor tweaks. We’ll assume that you’ve measured the area you want to cover with artificial grass and got together all of the tools you need. Let’s lay that dog turf!

Clear the existing surface

Digging out the existing lawn or surface is essential.

Compact the ground so you have a level surface

A level surface is key to the success of artificial turf installation.

Place the grass edging

Whereas usually we would say this is optional, placing down a timber frame will allow the grass to drain even better and give even better protection against dogs digging it up.

Lay a base of sharp sand or stone

The sand or stone will need to be firm. It’s important not to lay fake grass on soil.

Compact the ground once again

Once again, to ensure a level, solid surface.

Install the underlay

Again, this is where we would recommend that you take this action as a weed membrane as it will help help drainage. And also stop weeds!

Lay the artificial grass

During this part of the process you’ll want to be careful not to disturb the weed membrane.

Let the grass settle

Letting the artificial grass settle will avoid any creases or wrinkles

Join any pieces together if necessary

You’ll need to use high quality tape or glue to do this

Trim the edges

A cut and trim will give you a nice, neat finish.

Pin the grass down

Landscaping pins will be needed to pin the grass down and flat-headed nails for securing the grass to the timber frame.

Brush the grass

The fibres may look a little flat after being rolled up so an artificial grass rake will get them looking their best.


That’s it, you’re done! Time to let the dog (or dogs!) out of the house to play on your newly installed perfect grass.

Need some help to decide on which artificial grass is best for you and your pets? Contact us.

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