Artificial Grass Maintenance Products

Artificial grass is low-maintenance, but these products are developed especially for use with artificial grass to keep your grass clean, tidy and looking good as new!

Artificial Grass Maintenance

What is the best way to clean artificial grass?

The best way to clean your artificial grass will depend on where you live and the way you use your artificial grass needs, for example, different weather conditions, footfall and purpose can determine how often your grass needs cleaning. 

We recommend regularly sweeping your artificial grass to clear any debris while not damaging your grass and then also giving your grass a monthly deep clean to disinfect and clean your grass. Read our blog to learn how to properly clean your artificial grass.

Do I need to rake or brush my artificial grass?

Leaves, twigs, mud and other debris can collect on your artificial turf which overtime can destroy the quality. To keep your grass looking great, an essential step of your artificial grass maintenance is brushing. This helps clear any debris and keep the fibres standing up.

When using a rake or brush it is important to use a soft bristles brush or a specially made artificial grass rake to ensure you don’t damage the turf.

Do I need artificial grass cleaner to clean my grass?

No, however it is recommended to keep your artificial grass looking and smelling its best. 

At BuzzGrass, our all-in-one artificial grass cleaner will disinfect your grass in minutes. Simply, follow the instructions on the bottle and you’ll be left with a lovely fresh cut grass scent.

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