Artificial Grass for Balconies, Patios and Roof Gardens

Artificial grass is a great way to transform your otherwise unused outdoor space. Add a splash of greenery and create a luxury outdoor space on your balcony, patio or roof terrace. With our busy lifestyles having a place to retreat to is important, installing artificial grass can create the perfect oasis to do just that. All BuzzGrass products are suitable for a balcony, patio, roof terraces or other concrete or soiled spaces. We recommend our 2m wide rolls which are slightly cheaper and easier to install to small spaces.

Artificial Grass For Your Patio

Installing artificial grass on your patio will provide a lovely spot for your garden furniture and a place for you and your family to unwind over dinner or whilst reading a book in the sunshine. 

Concrete slabs can be an eyesore, expensive to install and the perfect place for weeds to thrive. Opting for an artificial grass patio instead allows you to add more greenery to your garden while having a space that’s easy-to-maintain and lasts a long time. 

Artificial Grass For Your Balcony

If you have a balcony that needs a bit of a makeover, artificial grass for balconies is a great solution. Many people choose to have their balconies fitted out with our fake grass as an alternative to harsh wood or concrete. Artificial grass on a balcony provides an oasis of luxury in what often can be a chaotic city centre.

Artificial Grass For Your Roof Terrace 

Buildings often have roof spaces that are unused and neglected. Opting to install artificial grass on your roof terrace and add an extra place for people to enjoy. Our artificial grass can help transform flat rooftops for residential properties, like homes and apartment buildings or commercial buildings, like offices and restaurants. 

One of the biggest concerns of artificial grass roof gardens is the weight and drainage.  Unfilled artificial grass is lightweight and with added drainage holes, artificial grass is able to drain water from the roof easily.

Why choose artificial grass for your balcony, patio or roof gardens?

Artificial grass is a cost effective option for balconies, patios or roof gardens – places where grass is unable or would struggle to grow. It is easy to maintain, with it only requiring the occasional brushing and cleaning. Most importantly, you’ll have a lush green space to enjoy all year round, whatever the weather. 

At BuzzGrass we utilise the very best yarns and products and our factory designs artificial turf that is durable and natural looking. Our UV stabilised artificial grass products will keep their lush green colour all-year round, making your artificial lawn the envy of your neighbours and friends.

Installing Artificial Grass on Balconies, Patios and Roof Terraces

Artificial grass installation is pretty straightforward whether you have a balcony, patio or roof terrace. The principles of installing artificial turf on a balcony, patio or roof terrace are very much the same as anywhere else so we’d recommend you take a look at our guide on how to install artificial grass.

Ideally, you will want to lay artificial grass on a flat surface with good drainage. Our artificial grasses have drainage holes to help rain flow easily through the turf. If your area is wider than 2m, you’ll want to use joining tape when joining artificial grass together and synthetic grass glue wherever necessary.

What Artificial Grass Should I Use For My Balcony?

We’d recommend using our 2 balcony products, Signature balcony and Signature Plus balcony. They have been cut in 2m wide rolls specifically to make it easier to transport and install on your balcony. These 2 products are the same spec as our original signature range, just in smaller rolls. Essential is also a great shorter pile option.

Get in touch!

At BuzzGrass, we are artificial grass experts. Browse the full BuzzGrass artificial grass range today to discover your preferred style. If you’d like any further advice on the best artificial grass for kids, be sure to get in touch with our team of specialists.

We also stock a wide range of grass accessories from what you need to install artificial grass such as foam underlay, glue and tape to maintenance products such as grass rakes and all-in-one cleaners.

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