Commercial Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is a cost-effective, low-maintenance choice - making it perfect for commercial environments. Our artificial grass is perfect for commercial properties that have heavy foot traffic. Our artificial grass is used in a wide variety of settings every day - the versatility and application of our grass in a commercial setting is growing year on year.

Where Can Artificial Grass Be Used?

Our artificial grass is suitable for indoor and outdoors use in a number of commercial locations, including:

  • Roof terraces and gardens,
  • Exhibitions and displays
  • Councils and local authorities
  • Holiday parks and holiday lettings
  • Gyms and pools
  • Schools and universities
  • Public spaces
  • Public sector buildings
  • Pubs, restaurants and cafes
  • Sport centres and sport pitches

Artificial grass for public areas

Artificial grass is the perfect option for adding in a bit of greenery to public places where natural grass wouldn’t grow, would be too high maintenance or too expensive.

City bar owners can give their guests a taste of the countryside by installing artificial grass in their garden or courtyard. Cater to the kids with an indoor play area in your restaurant. Add artificial turf at your exhibition stand. With the option of a permanent or temporary installation

Artificial turf is a great way of attracting consumers to your business. Use artificial grass for a display in your shopping centre or give your reception area a more comfortable feel. Turf can even be used for quirky entrances or signs in commercial areas.

Our products are also perfect for providing display grass. Get creative with window arrangements, spruce up your showroom or create a summer atmosphere in your workplace! Installing artificial grass within your office space will give your business a clean and professional look, with zero upkeep.

The benefits of artificial grass in commercial areas

Artificial grass is a popular choice for many businesses as artificial grass has many benefits when installed in commercial areas. Some of the advantages of commercial artificial grass include:

Transform a space

Artificial grass can brighten up public areas and provide an inviting proposition for customers and staff. Fake grass can be installed on concrete or any flat surface so can transform a dull area into a vibrant space.

Low maintenance costs

Maintaining real grass can be expensive and time-consuming, especially in areas of heavy foot traffic. Choosing artificial grass instead can help save you money from costly labour and maintenance fees. Artificial grass doesn’t require  maintenance such as mowing, weeding or feeding that are essential when it comes to real grass.

You’ll have a vibrant green artificial lawn all year round, not just in the summer months.

Attract new customers

Artificial grass is a quick and inexpensive way to implement a makeover for a commercial property such as a pub or restaurant.

A new artificial lawn can brighten up a back garden or even a roof garden, and artificial grass can be used as soon as it’s installed so you can have an instant transformation that brings benefits to your business immediately.

Dog Friendly

Artificial grass is dog and animal friendly with minimal maintenance required.

Great for kids

Artificial grass is great for schools, playgrounds and play areas and is a safe and durable alternative to natural grass. Artificial grass is flat with no bumps, mud or bugs so perfect for kids to play on. You can install play equipment safely and artificial grass with a performance pad will soften any falls.

A realistic alternative to natural grass

Our high quality grass is the result of years of design and development into producing only the best artificial grass for our customers.

An artificial lawn will not only maintain its lush green appearance for longer than real grass, it also has benefits for the environment, as it does not need watering or the use of pesticides.

We’re certain that choosing an artificial lawn for your next project will give you an end result that will leave your business transformed. We’ve worked with some of the most well known brands in the country. For example, Harvey Nichols chose a BuzzGrass artificial lawn for their rooftop gardens at their London Knightsbridge store.

Commercial artificial grass installation

Artificial grass is so versatile it can be installed on a number of different surfaces quickly and easily. At BuzzGrass, we have a network of approved & professional artificial grass installers across the country that can provide professional artificial grass installation at your commercial property.

Is artificial grass easy to maintain In commercial areas?

Whatever the application, our artificial grass is extremely easy to clean and maintain. Any debris that may make its way onto the turf can be removed easily with a rake, broom or even a hoover. Brushing is also a great way to realign any fibres.

Our products all come with a water-resistant latex backing, so you don’t have to worry about any rain or unwanted spillages.

All of our artificial grass products come with a 10-year warranty. You can rest assured that our grass will be hard-wearing, durable and perfect for your application. With very little maintenance required, your artificial turf will look great all year round!

Take the next step to improving your commercial space by browsing our range and then selecting your choice of artificial grass. Feel free to get in touch as we can provide businesses with quotes for grass and installation of any shape or size.

Remember that you can order your free sample pack at any time! Why not order today and transform your space for the better?

Sport pitches from SIS Pitches

As part of the SIS Group with our sister company SIS Pitches we’ve been established in the artificial grass industry for over 35 years, designing and manufacturing synthetic grass from our UK Factory at Maryport.

If you’re looking for the best artificial grass for sports pitches then you’ll want to get in touch with our sister company SIS Pitches who supply high quality synthetic grass for sports such as football, cricket, rugby, golf and tennis. They’ve provided artificial grass installation at some of the most prestigious sports grounds in the world and for tournaments such as the 2018 World Cup.

We’re often asked if we sell Astro Turf, but Astro Turf is a registered trademark for a US company that supplies artificial turf. We design all of the artificial grass we sell.

Our services are highly recommended – take a look at our customer testimonials.

Get in touch!

At BuzzGrass, we are artificial grass experts. Browse the full BuzzGrass artificial grass range today to discover your preferred style. If you’d like any further advice on the best artificial grass for kids, be sure to get in touch with our team of specialists.

We also stock a wide range of grass accessories from what you need to install artificial grass such as foam underlay, glue and tape to maintenance products such as grass rakes and all-in-one cleaners.



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