The state-of-the-art Buzz Putt putting surface is both dense and durable, helping all golfers achieve the perfect shot every time. Buzz Putt is made in the same UK factory as grass for global synthetic turf surface providers SIS Pitches – giving you peace of mind that our products really are fantastic for the golf market!

This top-quality product is able to replicate the consistencies of a natural putting green surface. With a 13mm pile height, the hard-wearing synthetic material makes for optimal artificial putting green grass, meaning everybody can enjoy a great game of golf.

  • Putting artificial grass
  • A golf hole on an artificial grass putting green.
  • artificial grass putting green shop
  • A golfer about to put on a fake grass putting green
  • A putter next to a golf ball on an artificial putting green.
  • Putting artificial grass
  • A golf hole on an artificial grass putting green.
  • artificial grass putting green shop
  • A golfer about to put on a fake grass putting green
  • A putter next to a golf ball on an artificial putting green.

Artificial Grass for Golf, Without THE Greenkeeping

An artificial putting green requires much less maintenance than one consisting of natural grass. No mowing, rolling or waiting for puddles to dry- simply brush, rake or even hoover your artificial turf and then get back to practising your short game!

Artificial putting green surfaces offer year-round play, which cannot be offered by natural turf. This makes Buzz Putt ideal for club owners, families and amateur golf enthusiasts alike! Refresh your driving range with new turf and swing away to your heart’s content!

Green Grass, All Year Round

Buzz Putt, as with all of our artificial grass range, comes with a fear-free warranty. This means that you won’t have to worry about any defects, discolouration or disturbed fibres, providing you carry out your simple maintenance requirements regularly.

With over 35 years of experience in manufacturing artificial turf, BuzzGrass really is the clubhouse leader when it comes to all things turf!

Add our dedicated artificial turf for golf and putting to your bag today or get in touch for specific requirements, we’re always happy to help.

What Type of Artificial Grass Is Best for Putting Greens?

The best artificial grass for putting greens has a short dense pile and uses a high quality monofilament to provide a true roll for a golf ball.

The Benefits of Artificial Putting Greens

An artificial putting green at home s exactly what you need to improve your game and take some time to relax from the more stressful things in life. So what are the main advantages of synthetic putting greens?

Improve Your Game

The primary reason for installing your own artificial grass putting green is to give you the opportunity to practice your putting game at home. As we’ve said, our grass is made at the same UK factory as the artificial grass made by our sister company SIS Pitches whose grass has been trialled at prestigious venues such as The Long Ashton Golf Club and Wentworth. This means you know you are a getting a seriously high quality surface using the same materials that professional golfers use.

Convenience and Cost

The great thing is that you won’t have to put your golf clubs in the boot to play. All you will have to do is step out of your back door. With your own personal putting green, you can practice whenever you like and what’s more, as many times as you like without having to pay any green fees so you’ll be saving money. And there’ll be no other golfers to bother you and the 19th hole is never too far away!

Easy to Maintain

Artificial grass is incredibly low maintenance compared to real grass. You might have to brush away the leaves every now and again or clean with mild detergent, but there’ll be no grass cutting to do or weeding. And we all know how much time and cost real grass putting greens take to keep in good shape.

Long Lasting and Durable

Artificial putting greens are hard-wearing and durable. Our putting greens are also weatherproof so come rain or shine you’ll be playing on green grass. Artificial grass can withstand both hot sun and cold winters so your playing surface will fit for golf all-year round. Our putting green grass comes with a long guarantee that reflects just how good quality it is.

Great Looking Grass

Artificial putting greens also improve the aesthetics of your back garden. Lush green artificial grass will get the attention of your neighbours and is also a quick and convenient way to replace a lawn or garden area that has seen better days.

Overall, artificial putting greens are a fantastic way of bring the golf course to your home, getting as close to the real thing as you can.

Artificial Putting Green Samples

Head over to our free samples page where you can order a sample pack of our putting green grass. You can also order free samples from our full range of artificial grass that covers both domestic and commercial uses.

Golf Putting Mats

Our artificial grass putting mats allow you to practice your putting by making the most of your available space, whether that’s in your back garden, garage, office or even your front room!

Our high quality putting mats are hard-wearing and weather resistant, giving you a true ball roll whether you use them in gardens or in an indoor environment.

Whilst our golf practice mats come with a 10 year guarantee, unfortunately we can’t guarantee your handicap will improve, but at least you’ll have the chance to put in some hard work before you visit the golf course!

Hybrid Golf Grass for Professional Clubs

Looking for a professional solution to support your natural grass surface? Our sister company, SIS Pitches, have developed award-winning hybrid golf grass surfaces, specifically for golf clubs and associations.

This revolutionary technology has already been installed at prestigious golf clubs around the country. It is ideal for use in high-wear areas, to reinforce the natural grass surface on your golf course that can get damaged with constant use. If you’re looking for a solution for supporting your natural grass surface, hybrid grass could be the ideal solution.