How to create a low maintenance garden

February 20, 2024

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When it comes to enjoying our outside spaces, some people thrive from tending to annual plants that need constant care and attention. Some grow their own fruit and vegetables that need to adhere to strict timings. But, this isn’t the story for a lot of us.

Between our busy lives of work, kids, and attending social activities, tending to a garden can soon feel like a chore rather than a hobby. Or, for some we may not be able to physically tend to a garden. Whatever the reason, it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t have a nice outdoor space to enjoy, especially during the warmer months. 

Would you rather spend your downtime sitting in your garden with a novel that you can forget about life for a minute? Or spend your time worrying about why your rose bush just doesn’t seem to be getting any better? Then there are a few low maintenance garden ideas that will allow you to enjoy your garden without having to worry. 

Read our blog to learn about how to create a perfect low maintenance garden. 

Keep It Simple

This may seem like an obvious point when it comes to creating a low maintenance garden. But it’s easy to get carried away at the garden centre.

  • Don’t introduce too many different containers into your garden.
  • Avoid flower beds as they will often require a lot of work.
  • Ensure plants you introduce aren’t annuals as they will only last for one year
  • Keep away from fast growing hedges – opt for climbers, holly or yew instead.

Another good tip is to spend a little time researching any new plants that you do introduce to ensure that you’re planting them in the right place in the garden. The last thing you want to do is place a plant that requires a lot of sunlight behind a large shadow-casting piece of outdoor furniture – then spend your life trying to work out why it isn’t growing.

Install raised beds

Using raised beds is a great way to add colour and plants to your garden in a more low maintenance way – if accessibility is an issue raised beds can be made at any height so you can enjoy your garden without having to kneel or bend. Raised beds also help keep your garden looking neat; they help improve drainage and reduce weed growth. If you’re looking for good low maintenance plants for your raised beds – choose herbaceous perennials, alpines or you could try growing your own fruits and vegetables.

Low maintenance landscaping materials 

Some landscaping materials require more care to keep them looking good, if you have a patio choosing porcelain and granite are a great choice due to their low absorbency they will require less cleaning and scrubbing. Composite decking boards are also a great alternative to traditional decking as they are more durable and don’t require any sanding, treating or staining. 

Install Features and Focal Points

To create a wow-factor in your garden without the massive upkeep, installing some sort of feature is a great idea. Water features, such as ponds and fountains, are a great way to create a gorgeous outdoor haven without having to keep a constant eye on it.

By not introducing fish into your water feature, you’ll find that your pond should fall into natural order and be less likely to suffer from algae problems. To keep maintenance minimal, avoid very shallow features, as you may have to fill these in more frequently.

Swap your natural lawn for an artificial lawn

Artificial grass is a great way to ensure your garden is a place that looks great. It’ll also provide a comfortable place to sit, play, or walk on when the sun is shining; unlike concrete slabs.

There are plenty of reasons why artificial grass is perfect; whether you have a pet dog, or you rent a flat and have a balcony that you want to make your own. With options to lay artificial lawn permanently or temporarily, it suits a wide variety of needs.

With no need for watering, mowing, and the added benefit of being environmentally friendly, you’ll find plenty of reasons why artificial grass is better than a natural lawn when you’re creating a low maintenance garden. Better yet, you also won’t need to worry about hay fever in the summer!

How we can help!

If you’re ready to create a low maintenance garden, shop for artificial grass today. We also guarantee our lawns for ten years, so once it’s laid you won’t need to worry about elaborate upkeep.

If you have a question? Then check out our FAQs page or speak to a member of the BuzzGrass team.


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