Why Artificial Grass Is Perfect for Pubs, Bars & Restaurants

December 18, 2019

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Artificial grass has become increasingly popular for businesses, as it is a clever way to renovate on a budget. You can redesign your space and give it a new lease of life by simply adding a patch of artificial grass. Outdoor courtyards can be transformed into cosy beer gardens, and waiting areas can be completely refreshed.

Here are 5 reasons why your pub or restaurant needs artificial grass.


1. Transform Your Space

Artificial grass can transform your pub, bar or restaurant. If you have any empty space in front of your restaurant, you could lay some Buzz Elite and instantly brighten up the area. You can also install artificial grass indoors that your customers can enjoy over the winter period.


2. Low maintenance costs

Maintaining your grounds can be costly and time-consuming. Hiring a groundskeeper will cost you each month in order to keep your business looking presentable. Save yourself the hassle and lay some artificial grass. To keep your grass looking presentable, all you will need is a hosepipe and a brush. Be sure to remove leaves in winter to avoid build-up and use a weed killer twice a year. This way, your grass will look presentable all year round. If your customers happen to spill anything, it can easily be wiped away – perfect for busy restaurants and beer gardens.

hose pipe


3. Attract new customers

People love a makeover and your loyal customers would flock to see your transformation – especially if your pub or restaurant is in a small town or village. For a small price, you can redesign your space and it’ll be sure to be the talk of the town!

We provide commercial artificial grass for businesses, whether it’s inside or outside. You can create an enticing display for an exhibition, dress up your reception area, or even get creative and make a quirky sign – the possibilities are endless. We’ve worked with a range of commercial businesses to creatively display different areas of buildings, take a look at our case studies!

display grass


4. Ideal for a beer garden

Artificial grass is ideal for a beer garden, as you can easily create a relaxing summer spot for your customers to enjoy. Instead of a concrete courtyard, invest in some Buzz Essential and add some potted plants to create your own Eden.

We created the perfect rooftop bar for Harvey Nichols in Knightsbridge using BuzzGrass Luxe. This product is backed with polyurethane, making it water resistant. The drainage holes ensure that there is no water build-up, which is especially important on a rooftop.


The Secret Garden in Nottingham has created a cosy beer garden, hidden away in the middle of the city centre. They have installed some artificial grass under their outdoor shelter to create a snug and welcoming spot.


The Nottingham Street Food Club has used artificial grass in a unique way, by putting it up onto the wall. This simple technique has added colour and texture to their space.

notts street food club


5. Dog Friendly

If your pub is dog friendly, artificial grass could be the perfect addition. During the summer, dog owners will happily sit in your beer garden after a long walk, especially if their pet has a grassy spot to cool down. Our artificial grass is safe for dogs and gives them a place to rest.

dog on artificial grass


If you’re looking to update your pub or restaurant within the new year, contact our team today who will be able to assist you with the best artificial grass solution for you.


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