We are often asked “what accessories do I need to install artificial grass?” and “do I need artificial grass joining tape or artificial grass glue?”

Don’t worry – we’re here to explain exactly what you will need to install your grass.

Glue and tape – the basics

You won’t always need glue and tape for your installation, it depends on the size of the area.

Our grass rolls come in 2m and 4m wide rolls. so, if your area is larger than 4m wide, you will need to join 2 pieces of artificial grass together – and this is where the joining tape and glue is needed.

To help you calculate how much grass and accessories you will need, take a look at this video. It explains how to measure your area, and how to calculate the length of your join, which in turn tells you how much glue and tape to order.

Artificial grass joining tape

Artificial Grass Joining Tape

It’s simple to work out how much tape you need! As shown in the above video, you just need to work out the length of your join (the area between 2 pieces of grass). If the length of the join is 4m, you need the same amount of tape. The tape covers the whole length of your join.

The artificial grass joining tape has 2 sides, one is green and shiny and one is white and matt. The tape goes in between the 2 pieces of grass, shiny side down, and the glue is applied on the top.

If you still have some questions about how to install your grass, check out the video at the bottom of this blog, which shows the full process from start to finish!

Artificial grass glue

Artificial grass glue self adhesiveArtificial grass adhesive glue

BuzzGrass artificial grass glue comes in 2 sizes – tubes and 5.5kg tubs.

As a guide, the tubes will cover a small join of around 3m, whereas one tub should cover 15m of join. Remember – if you would prefer to use the small tubes, you can just buy multiple tubes!

As artificial grass adhesives go, our product is renowned for its weather resistance, keeping everything firm and secure with everything the British weather has to offer! Our adhesive is safe for use with sports turf and artificial grass.

Top tip – You can also use it to stick the fake grass to hard, firm surfaces like concrete or plyboard on decking.

Don’t forget a spreader to evenly apply the glue!

Other accessories you may need

  • Artificial grass underlay (recommended) – the geotextile layer sits under artificial grass and acts as an effective weed barrier
  • Artificial grass pins (recommended) – pins are to keep your synthetic turf secure
  • Artificial grass cleaner (recommended) – our all-in-one cleaner will clean and disinfect your artificial grass in minutes – perfect if you have pets
  • Performance pad (optional depending on your surface) – our pads add a springy cushion beneath your grass to soften any falls and steps

How to install artificial grass

Our DIY video shows you the full installation process from start to finish.

If you would rather have a professional to install your grass for you, why not take a look at our BuzzGrass approved installers in your area.

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