The UK will undoubtedly get some hot periods this summer, but the sunny spells don’t last long and the typical British summertime of drizzle and grey skies will come upon us again.

Considering the UK’s tendency for rainy summers, We wanted to help you long suffering Brits, by researching the average rainfall over the UK during the summer months (over the last thirty years) and to pin point the rainiest dates in which we should avoid planning any outdoor events.

Check out our handy infographic below to find out the rainiest day in your area.
The Wettest Days of Summer

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  • August is likely to be the rainiest month with the most rainfall expected on the 4th.
  • On the 4th August, the average expected rainfall is 2.05 inches.
  • Scotland could receive the largest amount of rainfall.
  • The South East should enjoy the driest summer.
  • Ireland’s rainiest day is on the 8th August, when the average 2.2 inches of rainfall is expected.
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