What are Geotextiles?

Geotextiles are permeable fabrics. They are made from synthetic fibres, and appear woven, needle punched or non-woven (heat bonded).
When installing artificial grass, the geotextile layer is an essential part of the process. It is placed under the turf to control weed growth and deter worms. Rain can still filter through the geotextile fabric.

Why use a Geotextile Layer?

To prevent weeds from taking root in your base, you should lay a geotextile layer before installing the artificial grass. .
The geotextile membrane stops weeds colonising your grass from beneath. BuzzGrass also drains beautifully, limiting the ability for seeds to take root.

How to Install The Geotextile Layer

Installing the Geotextile layer is a very simple process:

  • Work out the height at which you want your grass layer to be, and the height of the materials you will be installing.
  • Pack the soil or sand that comprises your base.
  • Spray with weed killer.
  • Install any edging you want to use.
  • Lay the geotextile layer over the top of the prepared base in order to prevent weeds.
  • Install your performance pad (optional) and fix with high-quality ‘U’ shaped pins.
  • Place the artificial grass on top, fixing with pins and / or glue.

That’s it!

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