DIY Artificial Grass: The Right Tools for The Job

May 11, 2016

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Meet your essential installation tools for artificial grass. Having purchased your artificial grass from us you will be naturally keen to install it as quickly as possible. However, before you can start to think of those no-need-to-mow days that lie ahead, you need to ensure that your installation is done the right way. Today we talk about choosing the right tools for the job.

The Right Tools for the Job, In 3 groups:

Most used starting tools:

Usually found in most garden sheds; none are specialised and are all used for other purposes:
Spade, tape measure, hammer, long spirit level, stanley knife, rake.

Most often required materials:

Usually available from most local garden centres or nurseries:

  • Weed barrier
    Easy to forget but you don’t want plants pushing their way through your artificial grass!
  • Wooden stakes and a wooden perimeter
    This becomes the frame which the grass will sit within. The wooden frame is much better than relying upon any kind of concrete edging. Use galvanised nails to secure the grass to the frame and the edges will look much more professional.
  • Crushed stone
    If your garden suffers from poor drainage then you will need a crushed stone base. The normal specification is MOT type 1.
  • Sharp sand
    Great to produce an even flat base. Chose 15mm to 20mm sand and use a compactor wacker plate to compact. Good for drainage and gives a great flat surface. Also needed if you have chosen sand infill grass.
  • Adhesive
    Seaming tape and glue to secure adjacent rolls.
  • Decorative edgings
    It is worth mentioning that there is now a wide selection of decorative edgings available from all the main DIY stores.

Other Equipment:


  • If the area is in excess of 30m2 a turf cutter is useful
  • If preparing a crushed stone base then use a compactor wacker plate to compact it.

Not convinced yet of the argument in favour of having artificial grass? Then click here to view our Before and After gallery where you will see gardens and yards transformed!
We also have a Grass Chart with an overview of the differences between our products. With our many years of expertise as artificial grass manufacturers we can help with advice over the phone or by email. Just call us on 01900 811970.


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