The Common Myths of Artificial Grass

January 17, 2024

Artificial grass has been around for many years and during that time there have been a number of myths created that aren’t true. As experts in artificial grass installation and maintenance we’ve put together this blog to help debunk the common myths. 

Keep reading to find out the common myths of artificial grass.

Myth one: Artificial grass doesn’t look realistic

The first and most common myth is that artificial grass doesn’t look realistic. Many years ago it wouldn’t have been uncommon to find poor quality, unnatural looking grass but over the years artificial grass has been developed in its appearance and quality meaning that artificial grass now looks just as realistic as natural grass. For realistic looking artificial grass it is important to purchase it from a reputable supplier. 

At BuzzGrass, we are continually testing and improving our artificial grass to ensure we are always providing the best product.

Myth two: It isn’t pet or child friendly 

Another myth is that artificial grass isn’t safe for people with children or pets, but this is simply not true. Artificial grass is a great option for families that have pets and children. 

If you have children and pets, you may know the burden of having to wash the grass and mud stains from your children’s clothes or constantly mopping the muddy footprints and pawprints from your floors. With artificial grass you can wave those days goodbye. 

Like natural grass, artificial grass makes for a great base for children’s play areas, it will soften the impact of any falls or tumbles of your children while easily draining any spills or pet urine and it is super easy to clean up any messes left behind. 

Myth three: It’s hard to maintain and keep clean

Contrary to popular belief artificial grass is relatively low maintenance compared to traditional natural turf. You can say goodbye to the days of mowing, trimming and weeding your lawn as with artificial grass you’ll no longer have to. Even though artificial grass does still require some maintenance it is a lot easier.

To keep your artificial grass looking its best, we recommend regularly giving it a brush to remove any debris such as twig, leaves and other items and then every so often giving it a deeper clean to disinfect and clean your grass. If you have pets hosing down your lawn after they’ve done their business can help your grass stay looking and smelling fresh.

Myth four: It’s expensive

Installing artificial grass at your home will require some cost, but over time it can actually help you save money. Keeping natural grass looking great all year round is not an easy feat, and can be costly in water costs, treatments and maintenance costs. With artificial grass once it’s been installed (assuming you’ve chosen a good, reputable supplier) your artificial grass should last you around 15 years with regular cleaning and maintenance.

Myth five: Has poor drainage

Artificial grass has been specifically designed to have the same, if not better, draining properties than natural grass. Artificial grass is installed with draining holes and layers to help drain away excess water. For effective drainage, it is important to ensure your artificial grass is installed correctly.

Myth six: Artificial grass is bad for the environment

Artificial grass has often been thought as bad for the environment, however this is not strictly true. Unlike natural grass, artificial grass doesn’t need to be watered, meaning artificial grass helps you reduce your water consumption. Artificial grass also doesn’t need harmful chemicals like fertilisers and pesticides, which can be harmful to the environment and wildlife, to keep it looking great. Even though artificial grass isn’t natural, it can be recycled and repurposed into other products – helping reduce its impact on the environment.

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At BuzzGrass, we are artificial grass experts so if you’re interested in purchasing and installing artificial grass then please take a look at our artificial grass ranges.

Alternatively, if you have any questions get in touch with one of our friendly team members who can help pick the right grass and accessories for your project.

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