This is a fantastic Surrey artificial grass installation. Being aware of artificial grass and its many benefits is one thing. But having the imagination to use it in a small garden is entirely another. But this was no problem for a BuzzGrass customer. 

They made a fabulous job of it. Especially the way in which they complimented the grass with shrubs and flowers. They planted down two sides contrasted by the potted plants placed by the shed and on the decking. The idea of putting potted palm trees next to the shed was inspired! This is exactly the type of colourful, low maintenance and practical garden we need more of in Britain.

Surrey artificial grass
Our thanks go to our Surrey customer both for their business and for taking the initiative to fulfil such an imaginative plan. No more mud woes for them!
 artificial grass installation in Surrey

A luscious green lawn to look at all year round. This Surrey artificial grass installation has to be one of the most attractive, colourful and practical, small gardens we have ever seen! Let’s look at the fabulous combination of benefits they have got here:

  • No need to own or push a lawn mower ever again, saving room in the shed for the patio set
  • No more worries about muddy footprints in the house from the children’s shoes.
  • A wooden decking area where they can sit and enjoy the sun or have dinner outside.
  • Colourful plants to watch as they grow and blossom next Spring.
  • Potted palms to remind them that in summer Britain can be its own tropical island!
  • They have even remembered to install a bird feeder. (The tall pole in the left hand corner of the 2nd picture) so that the birds can join the party!

Sharing photographs like these is important. They demonstrate the readiness with which many people are now doing DIY grass installation. And the remarkable difference that it can make to their quality of life at home.
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