A local primary school is celebrating the transformation of its outdoor space thanks to BuzzGrass. Reception pupils at St Stephens C of E Primary School, Willington, have had their play area covered with Buzz Delight. This is one of the best artificial grasses from the BuzzGrass range. There was a Revo Landscape performance pad laid underneath, supplied by Vita Foam. Both BuzzGrass and Vita Foam donated their products and services to help transform the play experience of the pupils.
The previous surface was tarmac. It was a hard surface that also looked dark and unappealing. The new BuzzGrass surface is soft and bright. A perfect environment for the children to have fun on, with less chance of bumps and grazed knees.
Head teacher, Alison Richardson, exclaimed ‘It looks amazing and children absolutely love it, they can’t wait to get outdoors to play each day!  They have already enjoyed rolling in the grass, having picnics and sunbathing! They were all so overwhelmed and thankful when they first saw it, two of our children even sat down on the grass and said a Thank You prayer to God!’
Lucy Graham from BuzzGrass said
‘It is such a pleasure to be able to make a difference to these young girls and boys, and give them a better play space in which they can play wonderful imaginary games, or
just run around in. The Revo Landscape Performance Pad also adds an extra softness to the tread and ensures there are fewer bumps and scrapes than there would have been with the previous surface’.
BuzzGrass can be found at BuzzGrass.com but you can also see what we are up to on our Facebook and Twitter feeds.
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