How to Revamp Your Office with Artificial Grass

October 18, 2017

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The battle of who has the world’s coolest office has been raging on for a few years now. Employers such as Google and the BBC have gone to the lengths of installing slides, swings, hubs, and downright ingenious design to get the best from their staff. The idea is to make the environment people work in a joy to commute to each morning.
Office design is now considered a critical element for attracting and retaining talent. Especially if it’s a younger demographic that you seek to attract. After all, if the perfect candidate is interviewing with you, as well as with a competitor, what is it that may mean you lose out?
Offering a competitive salary will be an obvious factor. But there are other non-financial benefits such as flexible working hours, training, and a strong working culture. If you are able to identify and highlight the best parts of working with your company you can translate that into design. Then you’ll be able to ensure that you’re attracting the right sorts of candidates for their behavioural attributes.

What Design Should You Opt For?

Quirkier offices have become more popular because people work better in different environments.
Introverts are more productive when working in a quiet, comfy seating area. Whereas others thrive when they are able to bounce ideas with others. Some employers have created ‘zones’ to enable different team members to work in a way that suits them. This enables a healthier bottom line.
Consider your own business, the size of team, and work culture that you want to encourage. Also, think about what you want your clients to see. These are all important factors that may contribute to the end result.
We’ve found that indoor greenery can help inspire mindfulness in employees.
So what style of office do you want to create with your artificial grass refurb?

The Quirky Office Refurbishment

This style is great for enterprises with large office spaces and a millennial team.
A café with artificial grass carpeting the floor will encourage collaboration and a healthy workforce, whereas a games room with lawn on the walls could create a great space to take a break and enjoy an immersive experience.
If you want to go for it, you could create a play area for employee’s pets. Artificial grass is considered to be a good choice for dogs, and being a pet-friendly workplace has a whole host of benefits.

The Corporate Business

A games room and ball pool isn’t for everyone, but installing artificial grass can be.
In a city, corporate setting it’s important that you create an area that your employees are able to go to take a breather. After all, a high-pressure environment may result in low morale, so adding some greenery can make a world of difference.
With the correct size of space and budget, it would be worth creating an indoor garden. This is a place people can go to read or unwind during their breaks or after a particularly stressful meeting.


As an SME, you may not have vast amounts of space to convert whole rooms or areas into a nature-inspired haven. But, that isn’t to say that installing artificial grass should be written off completely.
With the ability to lay artificial lawn temporarily, you can easily add a touch of greenery to the corner of your office. With artificial plants, a couple of pictures, and a few pieces that speak volumes about your business, you’ll soon find that a small change can make a world of difference to the morale of the office.

Where Can Artificial Grass Be Installed?

Artificial Grass on Balcony
You can install artificial grass in many different places in your office. Options include:

  • Balconies
  • Roof Gardens
  • Cafes
  • Break Rooms
  • Reception Areas
  • Walls
  • Indoor Gardens

Install Your BuzzGrass Artificial Lawn in Your Office Today

Like the sound of giving your office a refresh with a BuzzGrass lawn? You can check our online guide on how to install artificial grass in your office, or speak to a member of the BuzzGrass team.


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