How To Keep Artificial Grass Cool in Summer

June 19, 2020

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Artificial grass is a great choice for many homes, especially during the Summer season. A lot of water is often needed to keep natural grass looking great, which soon racks up your water bill! Artificial turf can help conserve masses of water wastage, lasts a much longer period of time and lowers the overall maintenance of your garden all year round.

On warm sunny days, artificial grass can get warm. This can be an issue if you have a south-facing garden, with very little shade. As artificial grass is predominately made from plastic yarn, it can get warm very quickly which if placed in direct sunlight should be handled with caution for young children & pets.

However, there are many ways that you can quickly cool down your artificial grass, so your family can continue to enjoy being outside in the summer months. Here are some quick and easy tips.


How To Cool Down Artificial Grass


Rinse with a hose



A quick and easy way to cool down your artificial grass is to rinse it with a hose for five minutes. There’s no need to worry about drainage – when fitted correctly, artificial grass will drain itself. Read our installation guide to find out more.


Set up a gazebo


To create a shaded area, you can put up a gazebo. You can use water leg weights to keep it in place, or place the feet of the gazebo into large plant pots and fill with stones. The shade will keep the grass cool and protect you from the sun.


Use a sprinkler system


sprinkler system on grass


You can set up your sprinkler system to cool down your artificial grass, and your children! Attach your sprinkler system to the tap, and set up the sprinkler for half an hour. The best part about artificial grass is that you don’t have to worry about muddy feet!


Put up a garden umbrella


Unlike natural grass, your artificial grass won’t be ruined by heavy garden furniture. If you have a flat garden, you can place your tables and chairs onto the artificial grass. Put up an umbrella for some shade and enjoy a barbecue for lunch.



Artificial grass is great for summer, as it won’t die due to the hot weather. Your children can have water fights without getting mud everywhere, and you can put up paddling pools without worrying about a waterlogged garden. If you need help choosing the right artificial grass for your garden, get in touch with our team today.


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