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July 13, 2018

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In extended periods of summer drought, just like the one way are experiencing currently, natural lawns can turn brown and stop growing.

All lawns require special care measures during dry weather. When deprived of water, lawn grasses may stop growing and start to brown; especially once the top 10cm (4in.) of soil dries out.

Beat the UK Hosepipe Ban

Water companies have the power to impose restrictions on how households can use water in times of “serious shortage” based on the Flood and Water Management Act 2010.

During a heatwave water suppliers might urge people to use resonable amounts of water and may even temoporarily postpone the watering of gardens or the washing of cars with a hosepipe. The most recent hosepipe ban was activated on 29th of June in Northen Ireland.

Regular Watering = Increased Bills

Whilst the cost of water depends on your water company’s charges and the type of hose you are using, costs of around £1.50 per hour to use a hose pipe are not uncommon. The Consumer Council for Water (CCW) predicts that if you’re using the hose pipe for an hour three times a week, your are likely to add on about £20 a month to your bills.*

artificial grass vs heat wave

Green grass all-year round

If you’re lawn is looking a bit worse for wear due to the current heatwave, fear not! BuzzGrass can offer you a perfeclty green, lush garden all-year round, with absolutely no need for watering. What’s more, our grass is pet-friendly and comes with a 10-year, fear-free warranty.

We manufacture grass for all kinds of applications, whether it is to accommodate pets or children, deal with damp or shady patches where grass just doesn’t grow, or if you are just looking for easy, water-free maintenance.


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