A garden in Welwyn, Hertfordshire, has a superb new lawn that requires no mowing or watering.
The family who own the garden were frustrated that a lawn built three years ago had become a soggy, muddy mess. A relative told them about her artificial lawn from our range of products.
She had been so impressed that she had no hesitation in recommending us. We carried out a survey and then sent a team of three who took two days to install 310 square metres of artificial grass.
With a natural feel, the soft fibres are infilled with sand which gives the appearance and touch of natural turf. It is ideal as a play surface for young children. Indeed, shortly after we installed it, the family’s own children were playing on the lawn. And neighbours were already commenting on how wonderful it looks.
Mud Free Lawn in Welwyn
Our Sales Manager, said:
“The family actually said they were over the moon. The two children were playing on the lawn shortly after we installed it and neighbours were commenting on how wonderful it looks. This was a challenging job for us because there were lots of intricate shapes within the garden. But our experienced team were well able to cope and the results were perfect.’
Artificial grass is a perfect substitute for natural grass in areas of high wear. And is particularly suitable for walkways, roof gardens, patios and balconies.
‘We see artificial grass as complementary to real turf’ says company chief executive officer George Mullan.
‘We have many satisfied customers across the UK. And our experience in the world of sport has given us all the knowledge to expertly install a perfect surface for customers.’
We design and manufacture different artificial grass products at their headquarters in Maryport, Cumbria.
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