We have written before about pets and artificial grass and how it can be beneficial for them – from dogs being able to run around and play in the garden in winter without getting muddy and bringing all the dirt indoors to how exotic pets such as lizards can enjoy a nice vivarium grass interior that’s easy for them to grip onto and for their owners to clean.
However, we have never heard of fish enjoying artificial grass … until today. Scientists have been conducting tests with artificial grass on the sea bed off New Zealand’s coast in an attempt to boost local fish stocks. Sounds weird? Well, if we look at the facts, the logic speaks for itself.
Apparently, fish use seagrass for shelter and protection yet in many areas off New Zealand’s coast the seagrass has eroded due to sediment from land development. The result … fish stocks are down in those areas. So the scientists came up with the idea of plastic mats made up of plastic grass fronds 5cm to 30cm in length and all tied to a wire frame. They then placed them in strategic areas where natural seagrass has dwindled.
“We made them with tantalising long blades of artificial grass, the things fish really go for,” said one of the scientists.
This summer the scientists will be working to tag some of the fish and track their survival and growth rates. The outcome will be very interesting and potentially a great new area of support for the complimentary role that artificial grass can play in everyday life.

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