Essential Lawn Care Advice for the Winter

November 16, 2018

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Winter is perceived to be a low upkeep time for your winter gardening activities. To help you get through the season, we’ve provided essential winter garden care advice for artificial grass to keep your lawn looking good as new.


No-one wants to mow their lawn in the winter

With artificial grass, you can keep lawn maintenance time to a minimum but it’s not just your lawn you have to think about as the weather gets colder. The winter months can be damaging if you have any plants, bushes or trees. To tend to your plants, you may want to bring them indoors or wrap the plant pots in a couple of layers of bubble wrap to insulate the soil and keep them warm.

Heavy snow can strain tree branches and plants which can cause breakages, so ensure to gently tap away any excess snow and support the branches with string wherever possible. This simple winter garden care process can help to strengthen tree branches and plants, to survive the season.


Say goodbye to puddles and mud

BuzzGrass turf is water resistant and the latex backing is pre-punched with holes to allow water to flow through the grass and drain away.

Your artificial grass will look great regardless of the weather. Even if it snows during the winter, you can have all the snowball fights you like without worrying about getting muddy!


Keeping your lawn tidy

During Autumn and Winter, the leaves can be easily raked or tidied with a blower to keep your lawn clean and tidy. Artificial grass requires very little maintenance, but brushing little and often can help keep your lawn looking bouncy and green for years to come.  


Avoid rust

Try to keep your tools and machinery good-as-new by spraying them with WD40 or other penetrating oils. This can reduce the chance of rust over the winter, especially for tools that are kept outside in the shed or garage.


Failing to prepare is preparing to fail

Planning in advance is essential for looking after your lawn, whether you have real or artificial grass. Make sure you have all the tools you need to partake in our lawn care advice before it snows so you don’t get caught out this Christmas!



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