How to Encourage Bees into Your Garden

August 16, 2017

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A United Kingdom without different varieties of bees is a scary thought. Not only because they wouldn’t be able to pollinate the beautiful flowers we house in our gardens, but because it’s estimated that a third of our regular diet would be affected. There would be massive crop failures across the country.

It’s no secret that bee numbers in the UK are in rapid decline, with some species on the verge of extinction. The fuzzy little critters are falling victim to things such as pesticides, non-native bees making their way into our countryside, and harmful household products that gardeners spray onto their flowers to keep them blooming throughout the year.

But there’s good news for those of you wanting to help bees thrive and attract them to your eco friendly garden. There are numerous ways to do so. From simple solutions while you carry out regular tending to your garden, to some crafty pieces that will allow bees to set up home, we’ve rounded up our favourite ideas recommended by experts from around the web in one handy guide below!

Plant Wild Flowers for A Truly Eco Friendly Garden

First and foremost, it’s a good idea to give bees something to eat if you want them to make a regular appearance in your garden. The way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach, or so we’ve been told! Bees love vibrant flowers in purples, blues, and yellow, so it may be worth keeping these gorgeous hues in mind when planting.

If you have a smaller garden and are without the space to lay down flowerbeds, planting flowers recommended by the Royal Horticultural Society in pots could prove to be a good alternative.
For those living in an apartment, you may find potting some plants to hold down a temporary artificial lawn helps you achieve the best of both worlds.

Build A Bee Box

Not only do bee boxes and bee hotels look lovely in your garden, they carry out a vital function. They can protect insects from the elements, as well as provide a place for love bugs to breed and, ultimately, work towards saving the bee population.

Most garden centers will stock bug boxes, but if you fancy trying your hand at creating your own, this handy guide on how to create your own hotel for the solitary mason bee is useful!

Grow Some Climbers

Letting climbers, such as ivy, flourish in your outdoor space is a sure way to encourage bees into your bee-loving garden. In fact, the aptly named ‘ivy bee’ will love it.

Put Down the Pesticides

Although it can be tempting to give your beautiful blooms a bit of a spritz with chemicals, this is counterproductive to your bee-saving efforts. Instead, there are natural pesticides that will help keep your garden looking lovely, such as herbs and ladybirds.

Other Ideas for Encouraging Bees to Your Garden
Want to do even more to help your stripy friends enjoy the new haven that you’ve created for them? Set up a compost heap where they can set up home and provide them with a little watering hole. If you already have a fountain installed, popping in a few pebbles to keep them out of the water is a sensible solution. Otherwise, a small dish somewhere in your garden will help them stay hydrated.

Bringing it All Together

Now that you have all the elements of a bee-friendly garden in place, it’s a good idea to tie it all together with a touch of exterior design. This ensure that you get to enjoy your outdoor space as much as your new wild visitors.

Potted plants, flowerbeds, and climbers can all be tied together with environmentally friendly artificial grass. Not only does it look great, but it doesn’t need any nasty artificial pesticides.
So if you’re looking to save water, reduce ground pollution through pesticides that harm bees, and ultimately make your garden more eco friendly, take a look at our selection of BuzzGrass!

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