We love artificial grass, but we do understand that some people may have concerns. That’s why, today, we’re going to ask – are there any disadvantages to artificial grass?


Cheap artificial grass can look very uniform and ‘fake’ looking. The stereotype is of a carnival putting green in an unnatural emerald hue. This can be unpleasant and out of keeping with your neighbourhood.
This is why, at BuzzGrass the blades of our synthetic turf are variegated in colour to look more realistic.

Manufacturing Standards

We are proud to manufacture all of our artificial grass products in our Maryport factory. Keeping our production UK based gives us greater quality control and oversight, leading to a better product for our customers.


Artificial grass is more expensive than grass seed or turf. It is more of an investment than a cheap, easily damageable grass lawn. However artificial grass lasts far longer and needs very little maintenance.
To assure customers of the quality of our product, we also offer a 10-year guarantee for your peace of mind.

Sun Damage

Older artificial grass was known for discolouring in hot weather. It had a reputation for losing its colour and weakening in strong sun, making it a bad alternative in summer, particularly in warmer climes.
However modern artificial grass is UV resistant. At BuzzGrass our products are tested to ISO standards for UV resistance.


Artificial grass does need cleaning, sometimes with disinfectant (especially if you have pets). This can take time – however this occasional cleaning is a lot quicker and easier than maintenance of natural grass.
With artificial grass you can skip pesticides, fertilisers, re-seeding and other regular, tedious maintenance tasks.


First generation synthetic turf was short pile, made from rough fibres and was installed without infill.
Modern versions are made more like carpet. They are also long pile – our Buzz Supreme grass is 35mm pile height and incredibly soft to boot.

Rainy Days

Drainage has, historically, been an issue with artificial grass. However modern techniques mean that artificial grass is now much more permeable. Our turf is punched with drainage holes to ensure water will go through easily.
It is still a good idea to fit a drainage base below the levelling layer to help the water along.
We hope we have covered any concerns you might have had about artificial grass – get in touch if you have any questions!

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