Can Dogs, Cats and Other Animals Destroy Artificial Grass?

April 17, 2019

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Can DOGS Ruin Artificial Grass?

Maintaining a healthy lawn is almost impossible for pet owners. Dogs, cats, and other animals can cause havoc in the garden and damage your grass. However, artificial grass could be the solution, as it is extremely durable, hard wearing and long lasting. Our artificial grass is suitable for all pets and has even been installed in doggy day cares! 

Pet Waste

Certain breeds of dogs have urine with a high pH level, which can kill natural grass and leave yellow patches all over your lawn. Our artificial grass will not stain, as it is made from high-quality materials and has UV protection. Additionally, the backing is pre-punched for drainage, which enables liquid to effectively drain away and help to dry quickly – so no puddles! In terms of cleaning the grass, it’s really simple. You can wash away any mess using water, and if you require it, just use a mild disinfectant. 

Playing In The Garden

Your animals are less likely to dig up artificial grass, due to the lack of mud and the synthetic materials that the grass is made from.

Letting your dog play outside will no longer mean sacrificing your precious lawn. For a ‘freshly mown’ look, why not take a look at our two-tone striped lawn uniquely designed to give you a beautiful new space without the hard work.

Small child with dog on fake grass


Further Benefits

No More Weed Killer

Weed killer can be toxic to animals if ingested. With our pet-friendly turf, you won’t have to worry about tackling weeds. Also, if you add one of our geotextile membranes, just below grass level, this acts as a weed barrier, so there is no need to use toxic sprays.

No Muddy Prints

The sheer frustration any pet owner, especially dog owners, can feel once their dog has ventured out in the mud after a downpour is no secret. Trying to wipe their paws before they begin traipsing over your home and furniture is frustrating, to say the least. When you install artificial grass, the natural grass and mud is removed, and the ground is compacted with sand before you lay your turf. This means no more mud!

Because of this, your floors will stay sparkling clean. No more muddy prints leading through your house, no more muddy shoes and definitely no more waterlogged grass.

7 & 10-Year WarrantIES

Our artificial grass has been manufactured to the best possible standard, and we have full confidence in our 7 & 10-year warranties. With our guarantees we pledge to you that our fake turf will be free of defects for a period of seven or ten years (depending on the product), subject to correct installation and fair wear and tear.

Are you interested in artificial grass for pets? Or interested in finding out some more information? Contact our friendly team today.


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