DIY Artificial Grass: Common Mistakes To Avoid

November 9, 2016

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Today we look at the common mistakes to avoid when installing artificial grass. Our many years of manufacturing synthetic turf and liaising with customers and professional installers puts us in prime position to offer the right advice. Installation guidelines are of course supplied with each order. And we even have a photo guide on our website. A DIY installation of artificial grass is a popular choice for many of our customers. Hence why the subject features prominently in our grass blog posts.

Common Mistakes

Mistake 1 – Inadequate drainage

It is really important that the base for artificial grass drains well. Without this you will find yourself with pools of water within the area where it has been installed. You need a deep base filled with cut stone. Or having a gentle slope will work wonders. A drain around the edge will ensure that the run off goes where you want it to.

Mistake 2 – Uneven surfaces

Whether it is a tree root or cracks within the concrete you do need to watch out for imperfections within the surface. What seems small now is likely to stand out when you have a lovely smooth lawn.

Mistake 3 – No weed barrier

Unwanted plants and weeds can start to grow below the grass carpet and then push their way up and through. So to help preserve a weed-free and all year round green look, a weed barrier is vital.

Mistake 4 – Laying the grass the wrong way

The two sides of the grass blades may have a slightly different depth of colour. Typically one side will be darker and the other side a lighter green. You need to decide which of these colours you want to see from your house and then ensure that all the rolls run the same way.

Mistake 5 – Unsecured edges

It is important to ensure that the edges are secure. Having them nailed to a wooden frame is ideal. That smooth edge can soon curl and people can trip over it without being properly secured.

Mistake 6 – Don’t throw away any leftover grass carpet after installation.

You should keep any spare artificial grass you have once the installation is complete. Over time you might get the odd damaged area and want to replace it with a new patch. But, it could be very difficult to match it up if you haven’t kept any of the original grass carpet!

Mistake 7 – Uneven joins

It is essential to make sure that the joins between the rolls are smooth and tight. Having gaps appear is both unsightly and also very difficult to remedy.
Hopefully these pointers will help you install your artificial grass and enjoy it for many years to come.

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