We’ve conducted several artificial grass makeovers on TV. As a leading manufacturer of artificial grass carpet for sports and leisure across the UK and international markets, our main focus is to achieve customer satisfaction by way of providing a quality product at an affordable price. Occasionally, however, we are given the opportunity to play a part in a project with a different agenda.
TV ‘makeover’ programs are very popular in Britain. They provide interesting viewing but, most importantly, they offer a benefit to people less fortunate. To be invited to take part in such a project is therefore both exciting and very rewarding.


The BBC TV series DIY SOS is one of the most popular of its kind, coming to the rescue of different people with a variety of makeover needs. Recently the producers brought the crew up to the north of England to help a family in Cumbria. Their house and garden was in need of improvement to provide a better environment for their son Noah who was born with hydrocephalus and spina bifida.
Local suppliers were invited to get involved and Artificial Grass Ltd was delighted to work in partnership with the Moota Garden Centre in Cockermouth who landscaped the garden using our artificial grass.
Click here to read more about little Noah and his family’s reaction to the amazing makeover of their home and garden.

“this morning” Garden Makeover

We were privileged to be invited to help with a very special garden makeover on ITV’s “This Morning” show, one of Britain’s favourite daytime programmes.
“A Dream Come True” is a popular feature on the show and, on this occasion, it was a loving mother (Kay Aplin) who nominated her daughter (Tanya Bannister) for a garden makeover. Pictured left: Garden before artificial grass installation – click the image to enlarge.
Coping with serious illness had meant that Tanya was restricted in enjoying the outdoors so Kay felt that a garden makeover would make a significant difference to her quality of life, enabling her to relax in a beautiful, quiet space without having to venture beyond her home.
TV celebrity gardener David Domoney was brought in by “This Morning” to supervise the makeover and our long pile, luxury artificial grass was specially chosen for installation into the garden. Being artificial grass, it will not require any watering, weeding, cutting or general maintenance normally associated with lawn grass – a great benefit to someone in Tanya’s position. She will also have “All Year Round Green” to enjoy – no faded, yellow patches and no muddy areas.

The makeover project took a whole weekend and when Tanya, who had been oblivious to what was going on, returned from a weekend break, the evidence of how worthwhile the project had been was obvious. It truly was a dream come true and for our part we are delighted to have made the contribution.

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