Top 3 tips for artificial grass maintenance

September 17, 2019

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Artificial grass is the perfect way to enhance your outdoor lifestyle. Not only does it look fantastic, but is also excellent value for money, safe for children and pets and requires less maintenance than natural grass.

With artificial grass, your Sunday afternoons can be spent doing the things you love most, rather than spending time keeping your lawn in check.

Although artificial grass is low-maintenance and comes with all of these benefits, you’ll still have to do a couple of things to keep it in good condition and to improve its lifespan.

To keep your grass looking its best all year round, follow these tips from our experts.

Brush it

Brushing your artificial grass will help to keep the fibres upright and looking as natural as possible. We recommend having a bi-weekly artificial grass maintenance brushing routine to keep your lawn looking as good as new. It is important to firmly brush against the fibres with a garden brush and sweep away from yourself. We would also recommend removing debris such as leaves, twigs and sticks, as these could build up and attract insects.

Rinse it

Rinsing your artificial grass should be a key part of your turf maintenance routine. Use a hose to rinse away any loose debris. The water should be cold and on a low pressure, so that the grass isn’t damaged. Start at one end of the garden and slowly move across, using circular motions. Ensure that the artificial grass is left to dry to avoid any accidents.

Disinfect it

Disinfecting your artificial grass will keep any bacteria at bay. You should disinfect the turf with a mild detergent once per month. You can keep it clean with our artificial grass cleaner. Animal waste should be removed daily to ensure that the grass doesn’t become dirty or stained.

Removing chewing gum from your artificial grass can be difficult, and should be handled with care. Use a knife to gently scrape in upward motions, being careful not to scrape across the top of the turf.


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