10 Reasons to Choose Plastic Grass

August 23, 2017

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It is more popular than ever, but some may hesitate about making the switch to plastic grass. We’ve put together a list of ten reasons to choose plastic grass – instead of peat, mulch, tarmac or concrete.

1. Great for Playgrounds

The Pros of An Artificial Lawn

Soft, springy plastic grass is an ideal choice for outdoor playgrounds. It is quickly replacing tarmac and rubber crumb. Paired with a shock pad underlay it is a safer and warmer surface for small children to play on. It also looks nicer, and skips the vagaries of British weather.

2. Looks Great all Year Round

Plastic grass means a crisp, stunningly green lawn – all year round. Dog owners in particular will benefit, as canine urine – which can damage other surfaces – can be easily washed off. The grass will stay soft, undamaged and flexible, even in the depths of winter and the height of summer.

3. Low Maintenance

When you install your new plastic grass it will look clean, neat and impeccable. And it takes very little effort to keep it that way. All you need to do, every few weeks is:

a. Brush the Grass b. Rake the Leaves c. Rinse with a Hose

That’s it! All you need to do for a perfect garden.

4. Ideal for Families

Children and Dog on Artificial Grass

Families often get the most out of artificial grass. The competing needs of racing toddlers, football mad kids, and any pets mean that a regular lawn can be torn apart very quickly. Chickens in particular, can be hard on real grass – nothing like seed to whet a bird’s appetite!

5. More Accessible

Installed correctly, plastic grass is much better for people who have mobility issues, or use walking aids. The surface remains consistent, and as explained above, takes much less time to maintain. You won’t need to water it for six weeks before you can use it; or at all. It’ll be beautiful, and smooth, from day 1.

6. Long Term Cost Savings

Premium, realistic looking artificial grass can seem more of an initial investment than a cheap roll of turf from a box store. But a luxurious synthetic lawn is a much better choice. You’ll save money on mowing, pesticides, feeding and seeding. And it lasts; so you’ll be making an invaluable investment in yourself, by saving time.

7. Environmental Benefits

Environmental Benefits of Artificial Grass

As droughts plague the south and flooding plagues the North, a ‘real’ lawn could come to be seen as an inconceivable luxury. Plastic grass skips the petrol used in mowing and the water used in tending natural lawns. It also prevents the ‘sitting’ water and soil erosion associated with gardens that have been concreted over.

8. Increased Popularity

Plastic grass is becoming increasingly popular and mainstream. A quaint Cotswold village trialled artificial grass on their communal green, after tourists wore away the turf and prevented new grass taking hold. It is also being used by schools and nurseries as a fun, soft, durable alternative to harder surfaces.

9. Perfect for Events

Our synthetic grass is eminently suitable for events. It will look crisp and flawless throughout the duration of the event, and be easily cleaned when it finishes. Imagine the urban beaches beloved in London, enhanced with a fresh looking lawn, or plastic grass carpet softening the edges of an open air lido.

10. Non Toxic

Encourage Bees into Your Garden

Plastic grass is non toxic. Weeds are prevented by use of a geotextile membrane during installation. Leatherjackets and other bugs are not attracted to the synthetic fibres. This prevents the need for nasty pesticides and herbicides – for example the Neonicotinoids thought to kill bees.

Have we won you over? Our UK manufactured plastic grass is high quality, beautifully textured and available in a range of variegated colours. You can buy plastic grass from our online range or order three free artificial grass samples. If you need any more reassurance, please do check out what our customers are saying about us on our Testimonials page.


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