How To Lay Artificial Grass On Decking

April 29, 2020

Is your decking looking a little tired and worn after winter? You could spend hours cleaning, treating and staining your decking. Or, you can lay artificial grass on your decking. It’s a durable, high quality solution that looks great. We have outlined the process below and answered your burning questions.

Can You Lay Artificial Grass on Decking?

Yes, you can lay artificial grass on decking. It’s a popular option for families and retired couples. It also works really well for families with dogs or other pets.

It does need an underlay and some preparation but it still works as an attractive and affordable landscaping option.

Below, Hayley Leitch talks about how artificial grass works for her family. She’s the star of Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners, and her own Youtube channel, Hayley’s Help.

Why Lay Artificial Grass on Decking

If your decking is damaged or discoloured, you can restore it by using artificial grass. By installing synthetic grass on your deck, you are eliminating the need to fix, treat and seal your deck forever. Your new grass just needs an occasional hoover, or a quick scrub to remove any dirt. This is ideal for families or pet owners.

You will also save money on the maintenance of your outdoor space. Deck paint and sealant can be expensive, and it’s a time consuming process. Brighten up your outdoor area with some artificial turf and you can enjoy spending time in your garden, without all the hard work!

How to Lay Artificial Grass on Decking

Artificial Grass On Decking

Step 1: Start by laying down some boards. This will prevent the grass forming ridges and falling into the gaps between the decking panels.

Step 2: Lay down an underlay product – such as our performance pad – and secure it well.

Step 3: Lay the grass onto the now clean and level area you are covering. Allow around 50mm of grass on each side of the area to trim off to ensure a perfect edge. Leave the grass overnight to settle, which will stop it wrinkling or creasing.

Step 4: Cut and trim your artificial grass, using a sharp Stanley knife. Ensure that you cut the grass neatly to the edges of the decking.

Step 5: To make the joins, use a high-quality outdoor tape and glue. Follow the instructions on the products. For decking, you can use a combination of adhesive and carpet tacks to fix the grass down.

Artificial grass is perfect for laying over decking. It’s easy to lay, looks great and solves a lot of problems for busy families. Hayley Leitch found it very useful for transforming her garden and reducing the hassle of natural grass. She solved the problems of mud, maintenance and marks with artificial grass, and is saving money to boot.

If you want to fit artificial grass to your decking, check out our range of artificial grass, or get in touch for further advice.


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