Artificial Grass for New Build Homes

October 12, 2020

New build gardens

There are many advantages of purchasing a new build; one of them is that you will often get a completely blank canvas in terms of your garden. Most new build gardens are standard square or rectangle areas of top soil or levelled ground, and it’s down to the new owners to choose the garden design.

It might seem daunting at first, but this is a great opportunity for you to put your own stamp on your garden, creating something that is completely unique and based around your needs.

All housing developers are different, so it’s worth checking with them what your new build garden will look like before you make any firm plans, but we’ve put together some inspiration for you in the blog below.

Ideas for new build gardens

There’s lots of options to choose from when you design your new garden. Here’s some to consider:


new build garden design BuzzGrass

Patios are perfect to create separate areas within your new garden. A patio is a perfect foundation for a BBQ and dining area as they are completely flat, easy to clean and fire-proof. You could even install a pergola with some festoon lights so you can socialise all night long – even in the Irish summer!

Fire pits

Fire pits are a must-have for any new build garden. Not only do they create an ambience, they are great to keep your friends and family warm on those colder nights. If you are thinking about installing artificial grass near your fire pit, take a look at our fire pit safety blog.

Garden Bars

Two cocktails

It may seem like a distant memory now, but when those long summer evenings roll around again, we all love to spend time in the garden with friends and family. By creating your own outdoor bar, you can entertain your guests all night long. For a how-to guide, check out our garden bar tutorial.

Play areas

If you have children, chances are a play area is at the top of their wish list!

There are a few staple items that always seem to be a winner with children. Incorporating one or more of these into your play area will enable them to enjoy the space all the more.
  • Trampolines
  • Climbing frames and nets
  • Swings
  • Slides
  • Large-scale puzzle boards
  • A tree house

For the surrounding areas, you may want to cushion the surface in case of any trips or falls. Why not do this with one of our performance pads? Our pads are 100% recycled materials and lie underneath artificial grass to cushion the surface.

PONDs and water features

Creating a pond is the perfect way to attract wildlife to your garden. Frogs can come to inhabit during different seasons, birds will drink the water and dragonflies will gather to breed. It’s also the perfect way to create a zen atmosphere in your new build garden. If you love the sound of flowing water, why not consider a water feature to go with your pond?


artificial grass for new build homes

BuzzGrass Elite

If you are undecided between real and fake grass for your new build garden, why not check out our 10 reasons to install artificial grass blog.

In short, artificial grass is great for busy families who would like their grass to look nice and green all year round. Even in the rain, there’s no need to worry about mud or mess! All of our grass comes with pre-punched drainage holes, so unlike natural grass that will get waterlogged with puddles and mess, your children can play on artificial grass in any weather.

With a fear-free warranty for years to come, you can trust that our artificial grass is high-quality and a good long-term investment.


Start designing your new garden

Planning your garden with artificial grass

We all know that cliché saying “failing to prepare is preparing to fail” and in the case of designing your new garden, this couldn’t be more true!

To avoid any delays to your project, it’s best to plan everything out before you start. This makes sure that you are not purchasing too little or too much equipment, and ensures that you don’t have to make two visits to the store or pay for two lots of delivery!

The best way to plan your new build garden, is to get a pen or pencil and some squared paper and draw out your area to scale (using 1 square to represent 1m). Chances are you know what design you would like, and have plenty of inspiration ideas from Pinterest.

If you are planning to install artificial grass, you will need to measure your area and work out how many rolls you need to order. We have produced a comprehensive guide to help you if you are at the planning stage. We also have a free sample delivery service – just choose which 3 products you like the look of for your new build garden and we will deliver them to your door!

If you need advice on the right artificial grass for your garden project, get in touch with our friendly team today.



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