Our artificial grass for dogs is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Whether it’s a run around before bedtime, a lounging day soaking up the summer rays or a session of fetch, artificial grass for pets allows this to be a fun, clean and easy experience.

  • BuzzGrass Signature grass with puppy
  • BuzzGrass Signature grass with puppy


Yes, artificial grass is safe for dogs and pets. It allows urine to slip right through the grass barriers without damaging the quality of the grass at all. Larger deposits would need to be cleaned up but the grass can simply be sprayed and wiped down to be kept clean and hygienic. With a clean and wipe down once a day your artificial turf will stay (almost) brand new.

Many of our happy customers have chosen BuzzGrass turf simply because they know many other pet owners have used this for their furry family members. All BuzzGrass products are totally pet friendly, so if you are looking for the best artificial grass for pets, look no further than BuzzGrass Ireland.

We also offer dog friendly accessories! Our performance pads are for using underneath your turf, to cushion the surface if your grass will be installed on top of concrete or other hard surfaces. The pads are made from Polyurethane foam, which is specially designed to drain, without the need for additional holes! Padding under your grass is great if you would like to make your surface softer for your young children and pets.

Just take a look at some of our happy animals below enjoying their fake turf.



There are numerous benefits to having BuzzGrass turf in your garden, especially when it comes to your little friends:

  • It won’t get sodden and muddy so there will be no muddy paws trekked onto the carpet
  • It will stay moist and bouncy, meaning it’s comfortable and not firm and crisp under feet
  • There will be no spots ruined by energetic animals playing or leaving their business
  • It can’t be dug up by dogs looking for treasure and bones

If your dog urinates on your artificial grass regularly, spray the area with our mild disinfectant. You could also make your own using equal parts of water and vinegar to help remove the smell. The urine and cleaning products will drain away quickly after cleaning, and will not stain your artificial grass.


Your pet friendly artificial grass doesn’t just have to be for the garden. Conservatories, utility rooms or anywhere your dog likes to lie can benefit from it too. Indoor grass for dogs is great for potty training puppies as well as giving them a nice section of the outside, with the warmth of the inside.

Unlike real grass, our synthetic grass for dogs is designed to withstand any mess a dog may make. You won’t find any brown spots or dead patches on BuzzGrass turf, no matter what your pets get up to.

Our fake grass for dogs will ensure your furry friends get used to going to the toilet on grass surfaces and best of all, it’s incredibly simple to wash and clean!


How much does Dog friendly artificial grass cost?

To cover your garden in dog friendly artificial grass, the price will obviously vary depending on how big your space is.

Check out our artificial grass range to see what style will suit your pet’s needs. There are advantages to each type of artificial grass for dogs, but ultimately it comes down to what you want in your garden or home and what’s going to look and feel the best for your feet and your pets’ paws.



We have previously had kennel owners and dog boarding facility managers get in touch with us to install some fake grass for dogs at their residence. It makes for an easy-to-manage grassy run for the dogs who are living there.

When looking for artificial grass for kennels you need to ensure it’s high-quality to keep your paying customers happy and ensure a safe and enjoyable environment for your four-legged guests.

One of our happy clients in Horsham decided to purchase some of our artificial grass for their boarding kennel and create their own dog run. They were able to install the grass themselves and the difference is amazing. The dogs can now enjoy the dog run all year round – happy dog, happy clients! 

Get in touch with us today to order some samples for your kennels – you’ll never have to mow or treat the lawn again!