Artificial grass is fantastic for creating a beautiful garden. All BuzzGrass products are suitable for a lush lawn, delightful decking and much more.

Artificial Grass For Your Garden, Patio Or Balcony

Good news, there is no mowing, no watering, no mud to clean off feet or paws and very little maintenance, so artificial grass for your garden really is a no-brainer!

Utilising the very best yarns, our expertly designed artificial grass is durable, lifelike and easy to install and look after. Our UV stabilised products will keep their colour all-year round, making your artificial grass the envy of your neighbours and house guests!

Artificial Grass Balconies

If you have a balcony as well as or instead of a garden, you too can experience artificial grass in your outdoor leisure area. Many happy homeowners have their balconies fitted out with our artificial grass as an alternative to harsh wood or concrete. This provides an oasis of luxury in what often can be a chaotic city centre or concrete jungle. Be sure to invite your friends over, get some drinks flowing and embrace the beautiful roof terrace flooring for something a bit different.

Artificial Grass Patio

An artificial grass patio will provide a lovely spot for your garden furniture and a chance to unwind over dinner or whilst reading a book on the decking. Concrete slabs can be an eyesore, as well as allowing weeds to thrive. Get rid of the grey and embrace the green with a high-quality artificial grass patio from BuzzGrass Ireland. You won’t regret it when your friends and family are sat around having a great time on your long-lasting grass.

Is artificial grass safe for my family?

Every BuzzGrass Ireland product is family friendly so is extremely safe for all members of your family- including those with four legs! There is no need to worry about grazed knees, stained clothing or skin burns. We offer a variety of accessories including performance pads, which makes the grass soft for little ones.

Should your family pet decide to leave their mess on your artificial grass garden,  our grass products can easily be sprayed and wiped using our spray detergent, to keep it looking lovely and more importantly, hygienic! Doing this just once a day will keep your grass in great condition.

ALL of our turf comes with a fear-free guarantee, giving you the ultimate peace of mind that we really are the best in the industry.