Purchasing the Most Realistic Artificial Grass for Your Budget

November 5, 2017

When it comes to purchasing realistic artificial grass, it’s no secret that it’s cost-effective in the long-term. You will save money on water, pesticides, and perhaps even a gardener that you would hire to keep everything in check. You’ll also help the environment and save yourself a hefty chunk of time in the process.
When it comes to shopping around for your soft artificial grass, one of the things most people consider is the initial price tag. Another is whether they’ll get a high quality product for their particular budget.
People’s requirements and priorities often vary. But there are three things that everyone looking for artificial grass should consider.
Budget, area size, and how authentic they want it to look.

What’s Your Budget?

realistic artificial grass

If you have a low budget and a large garden, then consider whether you want to prioritise quality or square footage.
If quality and softness is more important, it makes sense to create a smaller, better made lawn. You can place walkways and raised beds around the lawn to minimise the amount of artificial grass you need. But, if you compare the price tags of a water feature and an extra foot of Buzz Supreme, the latter will be luxurious – and friendlier to your bank account.

What Is Your Artificial Lawn For?

Depending on what your artificial lawn is for, you may find that a particular style may be more suited to your budget and purpose.
For instance, if you want to create a display or add to your roof terrace, you might find that the hardwearing Buzz Multi may be best suited to your needs. Olive green in colour, and 13mm in height, this is a convenient and cost-effective lawn to invest in.

If you’re looking for something more authentic in appearance, the Buzz Luxe is a duo tone green and has a soft, natural feel. This particular grade of lawn is particularly suited to play areas, hotels, and other commercial areas.

If you have pets and children, or favour premium-quality and luxury, the Buzz Elite has been made with you in mind. Many hues of green making up a dense, soft lawn. This creation is ideal for many uses and is a great realistic alternative to a natural lawn.
But the lawn that has been crafted with the most attention to detail is our Buzz Supreme. A careful combination of rustic olive colours with emerald green and a brown thatch creates a rich look and feel. It is by far the most realistic artificial lawn.

Want to Feel the Quality Before You Buy?

If you’re torn between one lawn and another, you can always request a free sample to help you make your mind up.
Or, if your heart’s calling after a particular lawn, you can order your realistic artificial grass today. Browse our shop or give us a buzz on 01900 811 970.


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