DIY Artificial Grass: Importance Of Aftercare

May 25, 2016

Let’s talk about the importance of aftercare. Today being Halloween, we are undeniably into late autumn. Facing the onset of another British winter, we thought it was a good time to list some key points about caring for your artificial grass. Checking that your grass is in tip-top condition before the bad weather comes will help preserve its quality.

Aftercare Tips:

Tip 1 – Sand Infill

For anyone who recently installed artificial grass with a sand infill, you need to bear in mind that it can take up to 8 weeks for the sand to settle and bed in. Light and regular brushing will help.

Tip 2 – Keeping Unwanted Weeds/Plants At Bay

Occasionally plants and weeds can penetrate the weed barrier. To remove them apply a water-based moss or weedkiller. Sweep away any dead matter.

Tip 3 – Visual Checks

Carrying out a regular visual check of your artificial grass is a good idea. Here is a list of what to watch out for and how to deal with it:

a) Stains
If you notice any stains on your artificial lawn, using hot tap water with some washing up liquid will usually remove most of them. However, if you have an oil-based stain then you will need to use a little white spirit or similar.

b) Animal droppings
If you notice any droppings on the grass carpet be sure to remove them straight away.

c) Sharp Objects/Broken Glass
Carefully check for any broken glass or sharp objects that might have found their way onto the artificial grass surface. People tend to enjoy greatest use of their artificial lawn  in the summer and can sometimes be distracted from checking these things. If you find anything, remove it carefully and immediately.

Tip 4 – Avoid Extreme Heat

Never use fireworks on your artificial lawn. Indeed, you must avoid bringing anything into contact with the artificial grass surface that might apply strong heat such as a portable BBQ. You don’t want your grass to melt!

Tip 5 – Heavy Surface Use

Bikes, wheelbarrows and wheelchairs should all be fine to move across your artificial grass. However, taking your car or motorbike across it is not recommended!

If you have any questions about caring for your artificial grass you can visit our artificial grass faq page where the most common queries are addressed. There is also a special page about our grass for pets. Alternatively you can email us or call (Monday-Friday) our artificial grass factory on 01900 811970.


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