How to Revamp Your Garden in One Weekend

October 4, 2017

Irish people are busy. We have one of the top ten longest working weeks in Europe. But everyone needs a little downtime and rest. You could take up yoga, meditation, running – or just pick up a spade.
There are many health benefits to having a garden, and working it. It’s as good for you as jogging, and a lot more fun. Gardening also helps dispel stress and build confidence.
So how can you balance lack of time with having a beautiful, relaxing garden? Well, we’ve compiled a list of ways to revamp your garden in one weekend.


Revamp Your Garden
Planting can be time consuming. But we’re not talking digging over the whole garden, or planting an oak tree. These projects are quick and easy.

Vertical Garden

This can be as simple as a fabric shoe organiser filled with compost, or as complex as a ‘living wall’ brimming with rich, fragrant climbers. You can make this project even quicker by purchasing a kit.

Potted Plants

One of the simplest ways to fix up your garden is with potted plants. You can purchase some from a garden centre, or plant them from scratch. Stick with tough plants, like sweet peas and pansies.

Kitchen Garden

A quick and easy way to do this is to create a raised bed, and fill it with a mixture of tomatoes, thyme, chives, basil and sage. You can divide the bed or interplant, and you’ll get a lush crop of food for your kitchen.

Fix Up Your Lawn

Fixing up your lawn can make a huge difference in your quest to revamp your garden. One of the best ways to do so is to install artificial grass.

Artificial Grass

The easiest way to do this is to buy a DIY artificial grass bundle and follow our installation guide. The kit comes with grass, underlayer and membrane (to prevent weeds growing). You can also purchase pins and glue for fixing.

Grass Edging

You can mark the perimeter of your beautiful new lawn with grass edging. You have so many options to choose from with this; everything from natural wood, to concrete to recycled plastic.


Consider paving a part of your garden for a place to put garden furniture and barbecues. You can do it quickly and easily with ‘instant patio’ tiles; these are often made of plastic and grip onto grass – much faster than concrete pavers. They are often used near swimming pools and in restaurants.

Help Wildlife

You can make your garden look more beautiful and feel good about yourself at the same time by making it more attractive to wildlife.

Bird House

This is a flexible project, where you can buy or build a charming little bird house with bird feed. Remember to hang it high enough to be out of reach of cats and enjoy the sight of birds nesting near your home.

Butterfly Feeder

Place your feeder in a sheltered area near flowers that will attract butterflies, such as Buddleia. You can buy liquid food for them or use sugar water. Help keep the little creatures alive and they will help pollinate your kitchen garden.

Hedgehog Highway

Carefully cut a little hole in your fence to allow hedgehogs to get in and out of your garden. 13cm by 13cm will be big enough, and will be small enough to keep your dogs safe.


Maintenance can make a huge difference to the appearance of your garden. October is a great time to maintain your garden and pre-empt issues such as flooding or lost fence panels.

Clean Your Gutters

Protect your arms and hands, and place a plastic sheet over your clean garden. Climb a stable ladder and use a small plastic scoop (buying a new dog scooper is a cheap solution).

Fix Up Your Fencing

Extreme weather is becoming more common, and that means fence panels are more vulnerable to being blown away. You can tighten fixings and replace individual panels. If you have time, staining can also help preserve your fence.


If you installed an artificial lawn, you have already saved yourself time. But your pots and flowerbeds will still need a quick go-over every so often. You can speed up the process with long handled tools or even a garden torch (only on paving).
Have we interested you with our weekend garden projects? If so, order a DIY artificial grass bundle from BuzzGrass today!


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