How To Remove Moss From Artificial Grass

June 5, 2020

Invented over 50 years ago, artificial grass is a surface of synthetic fibres made to look identical to natural grass. Today, you can find it nearly everywhere you look, from residential lawns to sports centres and stadiums. Compared to conventional grass, artificial grass is able to stand up to heavy use whilst needing no trimming or irrigation – making it perfect for those who need a low-maintenance lawn. However, this isn’t to say that it’s “maintenance-free”. Like all man-made products, artificial grass does have a limited life span. However, with the proper maintenance and care, you can expect it to last up to (and even beyond) it’s estimated lifespan.

When caring for artificial lawns, one of the main issues owners face is moss. This typically takes the form of dense green clumps or mats and often occurs in damp or shady locations. Luckily, the method for removing moss is straightforward and can be done with relative ease. The basic steps are outlined below.




Before you start, here’s a list of things that you’ll need:

  • A soft-bristled broom/brush or plastic rake
  • Moss killer (preferably non-oil-based)
  • Pruning shears or loppers


Once you’re ready, you’ll need to brush/rake the artificial turf – we recommend you do this either weekly or whenever debris accumulates. When it comes to brushing/raking, you should alternate your direction each time to ensure a deep clean. This will also help prevent all the fibres from leaning in one direction. Once all debris is clear, take your pruning shears/loppers and go around the garden/lawn and trim back any overhanging branches and overgrown vegetation. This will allow for better circulation of air whilst allowing more sunlight to reach the lawn. The goal here to try and eliminate the conditions that favour moss development.



Following the preparation stage, you should now look to apply a non-oil-based moss killer onto the artificial grass/lawn. However, for the best results, we recommend doing so when the moss is actively growing and only when weather conditions are dry and no moisture is present/anticipated for several hours. It is also vitally important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions as not all moss killers are the same. Following this, you should look to thoroughly rinse off the moss killer (if the manufacturer states). Once the moss has dried out and died, you will need to sweep/rake it to one side to make collecting and binning it easier.

And that’s it – for now at least! We do recommend that you reapply the moss killer once every few weeks if you continue to see moss growth.

If you need any further advice on artificial grass maintenance, get in touch with our friendly team.


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