How To Build Your Own Garage Gym

April 15, 2020

Having a gym at home is ideal for many reasons. You will save money on a gym membership, there is no queuing for the equipment, and you won’t have to travel to get there. If you’re serious about your training, you should consider building your own gym at home.

It’s likely that your garage has become a dumping ground for old furniture and gardening tools. Turning it into a home gym will utilise the space, and create a place for you to workout and escape for an hour.

There are a few things you need to do before you can get a sweat on. Here’s how to build your own home gym in your garage.

Clear everything out

It’s time to find a new home for everything that you’ve been hoarding in the garage. Empty all of the items out into your garden or driveway, and start dividing them into three piles: keep, recycle or throw away.

Find a new place to store the items you are keeping – perhaps in your shed or up in the rafters of your garage. Donate or recycle all the usable items, and take the rubbish to your local waste centre.

Now that you have an empty garage, you can start to build out your gym.

Clean and dust

Nobody wants to work out in a garage full of cobwebs and dirt. Spend an afternoon cleaning, scrubbing and hoovering your garage, until it is sparkling clean.

If you have carpeted flooring in your garage already, we would recommend removing it at this stage, as it will need to be replaced with stronger gym flooring. Ask your family or friends to help you do this, and safely dispose of it.

Paint the walls

Painting your garage walls can help to transform the space. You could paint the walls white, for a bright and airy feel, or black for a more industrial feel.

You can also buy large gym mirrors online, or perspex mirrors for a cheaper alternative. Hanging these on the garage wall will make the space look bigger, as well as allowing you to watch your form when exercising.

Lay flooring

If you are going to be weight lifting in your garage, it is important to lay down some padded flooring. You can buy interlocking rubber mats which will protect your garage floor and absorb the sound when dropping weights.

You can also lay a strip of artificial grass, which is ideal for pushing sleds or running sprints. Our Essential Artificial Grass is durable and hard-wearing, ideal for your home gym.

Buy your equipment

The final step is to choose and purchase your equipment. If you are into cardio exercises, you could purchase an exercise bike, a treadmill or a cross-trainer.

If you enjoy weight training, you may wish to purchase the following equipment:

  • A squat rack
  • A barbell
  • A set of weight plates
  • Dumbbells
  • Kettlebell
  • An adjustable bench

All of this equipment can be purchased over time, as it can be quite expensive. If you can purchase these items second-hand, it could save you a lot of money.

So there you have it – a home gym in your garage. Now you have no excuse not to work out!

If you don’t have a garage, you can always transform your balcony into a welcoming outdoor space for you to work out in. Get in touch with our team for advice on the best artificial grass for your needs.


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