Fun Garden Activities For Kids This Summer

April 30, 2020

It can be difficult to encourage children to get out in the great outdoors during the Spring/Summer months with so many obstructions online. With the weather starting to warm up in Ireland, there’s no reason to not take advantage of the wonderful weather.

We’ve put together some garden activity ideas for kids this Summer to help them get creative and to create memorable experiences together as a family.

DIY Birdhouses

With recycling and up-cycling being at the heart of many Irish households, we can utilise existing items and transform them into beautiful garden creations. Looking at your recycling materials before throwing them in the bin, could you utilise any finished and clean juice cartons, milk bottles, plastic boxes to create a birdhouse or feeder.

Get out various craft accessories, such as paint, coloured pens, stickers or natural items discovered in the garden to decorate. Let the kids help decide where to place the homemade bird feeder and note down the chippy friends as they enter the garden!

Garden Sketching

All you’ll need is a pen and paper for this activity. See what interests your child the most in the garden, whether that be a plant, flowers, birds, insects or your household pet and let your little artist draw to their heart’s content.

If your child is a frequent drawer or enjoys it, why not start a scrapbook? Not only is it great to keep all their artwork in one place, but also is a great way to reminisce when they’re all grown up.

If you’re choosing paint, over sketching, why not suggest it on a sunnier day so their masterpieces will dry much quicker?

Nature Art

Grab an old bedsheet or piece of fabric for the background let your little ones head on a scavenger hunt for natural materials in the garden to create a perfect picture.

Encourage your children to pick up objects around the garden, such as: stones, sticks, leaves, flowers (if permitted) to create their own story.

Arts & Crafts

If you have artificial grass in your garden and are planning on doing arts and crafts in the garden, any spills can be easily cleaned up! With paint spills, wait for the paint to dry as opposed to dabbing into further into the fibres and scrape it off. A further step can be to use our specially formulated artificial grass cleaner to fully disinfect your artificial turf!

Feel free to contact the team for any further artificial grass advice.


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