Benefits Of Polyurethane (PU) Backed Grass For Dog Owners

February 10, 2020

Last year, we introduced our new polyurethane (PU) backing to some of our premium artificial grass products including Luxe, Elite, Lush and Essential. This innovative technology – the exact same we use for our premium SISTurf sports products – has provided a great alternative to latex for pet owners looking for more durable artificial grass.

If you’re reading this, chances are you might not know the difference between PU and latex – we’re here to help! We’ve put together a quick guide below:


No More Smells!

In comparison to latex, PU is much stronger and completely water-resistant, which means urine will not soak into the backing. Latex backing can become cracked or brittle over time and although this has no impact on the look and feel of the grass, if you have pets, the smells can go into the cracks and be harder to clean. With PU, the backing will have a greater resistance to moisture, which makes cleaning it a breeze and keeps smells at bay!

All of our backing has pre-punched, permeable holes for quick drainage which removes the risk of puddles and keeps your grass looking great all year round!


Stronger backing = more durable grass



Our PU backed turf is stronger and has better fibre retention, which in turn makes it more durable than latex-backed turf. As the PU has a firmer hold on the grass fibres, your turf will stay in better condition for longer. This is helpful for pet owners, especially if your pet has a tendency to dig in the garden!


Easier to Install

As the polyurethane backing is more flexible than latex, it is easier to cut into shape and install. If you need help figuring out how much artificial grass you will need check out our artificial grass installation guide. We also work with BuzzGrass approved installers to provide an excellent installation every time, if you would rather not install it yourself.


Protection from Allergies


dog at back door

Natural grass and pollen can cause allergic reactions for dogs or can develop as they mature. Similar to humans, dogs can be allergic to grass and can develop dermatitis, that can cause irritation on their skin. Dogs can also have watery eyes, noses and scratchy throats. PU backed grass can help to mitigate these allergies and reactions in your dog, allowing them to enjoy the Spring and Summer seasons.

For further information about pet-friendly artificial grass, visit our dogs and pets page. Our artificial grass is made in Britain at our factory, providing you with a top-quality product which will last at least ten years.

If you have any questions about our PU backing, please get in touch with our team.



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