Give Your Balcony A Makeover With Artificial Grass

January 6, 2016

The benefits of having a balcony are clear. You’re able to enjoy an outdoor haven to soak up the sunshine and savour some al fresco breakfast on pleasant days.

It’s easy to see why a growing number of flats and apartments come furnished with a balcony. There’s never been a more important time for artificial grass to make an appearance as a result. But without a little bit of initial TLC, we can fall into the trap of not allowing our outdoor space to flourish as much as our interior design.

The use of artificial grass in gardens and on patios is already well established. It allows the whole family, including pets, to enjoy a ‘green’ space for longer periods throughout the year. (As our recent post on artificial grass for dogs explains).
So are those who have a balcony missing a trick by not treating their homes to some artificial grass?

Why Choose Artificial Grass For A Balcony?

In the hustle and bustle of a city, a touch of greenery can be a soothing experience after an evening commute and long day of work. Even for those living in a more rural area, the addition of a green space that belongs to us is a great thing to have. After all, why else would we opt for a home in the countryside?

But without some initial (minimal) effort, we can find ourselves making do with a place that we’re not proud enough of to host friends or relax and enjoy a good novel. Sitting and getting to enjoy a soft, green balcony seems much more worthwhile.

Natural grass can be difficult to upkeep, as well as lay in the first place. It also isn’t really suitable for balcony spaces or rooftops. Investing in a BuzzGrass lawn, however, comes with a 10-year guarantee of quality.
Furthermore, renters may find artificial grass to be the perfect temporary solution. For those who do own a property, artificial grass can also be enjoyed permanently when installed correctly.
A balcony makeover carpeted with artificial grass has the benefits of:

  • Low to no maintenance – it just needs a brush and has excellent drainage.
  • A beautiful, cosy look which offers a respite from the big city
  • Easy installation of artificial grass that you can do yourself (or call upon us to do it for you if you like!)
  • Ten year guarantee when you buy from BuzzGrass

Making Over Your Apartment Balcony With Artificial Grass

Artificial grass will be the gorgeous focal point for your balcony. But it’s always nice to jazz it up even more with a few extra colourful additions.
If you choose to lay your new lawn in a temporary manner, some large pot plants to hold down the edges would be ideal. Consider playing with a range of hues to bring out the vibrant greens that emerge from our BuzzCity grass. This can help to create your balcony haven for urban agriculture.

There’s also the option of adding a few smaller plants, seasonal flowers, creepers and ornaments if you want to create a garden paradise. Try to really make your outdoor space your own. Think fairy lights, candles, cushions and blankets to curl up into when it’s milder outside

Feeling inspired? Take a look at some other shots of our artificial grass in action and visit our online store to explore prices and specifications to transform your balcony.


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