5 common myths about artificial grass

December 6, 2018

  1. “Artificial grass is too expensive”

Generally, artificial grass is more of an investment than grass seed or turf, but there are other factors to consider when calculating the costs.

Have you ever thought about how much your natural turf is costing you in time and money?

On average people spend 19 hours a year mowing the grass*, over a lifetime that’s nearly 7 weeks of precious time you could be using to do something else! Furthermore, if you pay a gardener to do this for you that’s around £189 per year. You then have all the tedious maintenance tasks to pay for such as pesticides, fertilisers, re-seeding and other regular maintenance. With artificial grass all you need to do is rinse it down every now and again, using disinfectant if required.

People spend an average of £30,000 on their gardens over their lifetimes**.

Based on an average-size 30m2 garden it would cost you approximately £585 including delivery to purchase artificial grass from BuzzGrass. When you consider that artificial grass is guaranteed to last for at least 10 years, you’ll have plenty of money saved to invest in some new plants, a trampoline for the kids and even go on a family holiday.


  1. “Artificial grass looks fake”

Our artificial turf has a luxurious feel and natural appearance which is created by the multi-colour green fibres, mixed with shorter brown fibres to mimic the colour and appearance of natural grass.

  1. “Artificial grass is hard to install”

On the contrary! Artificial grass is so easy to install you can even do it yourself. All you need is a Stanley knife, some tape and glue. Alternatively, you can find a trusted installer in your local area to do it for you. With the correct installation our high quality turf can last at least 10 years!

  1. “Artificial grass is hard to clean”

Artificial grass does need cleaning from time to time, especially if you have pets using the grass. But the process is easy, all you need to do for a deep clean is spray the lawn with water using a hose and use a disinfectant where required. For a medium clean just use some standard fairy liquid with the hose.

  1. “Artificial grass is only for outdoor use”

Artificial grass isn’t just for gardens! It can be used on balconies, patios, putting greens, in bars and restaurants and even inside your house or office!



* https://prolandscapermagazine.com/almost-two-months-of-our-lives-spent-mowing-the-lawn/

**  https://www.independent.co.uk/property/gardening/britons-spend-an-average-of-30000-on-their-gardens-over-a-lifetime-9386795.html


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