Things You Should Know About Using Artificial Grass in Dubai

May 21, 2021

Watering and maintaining a large natural grass lawn requires time and effort, making it hard to focus on other things you love, like hobbies and socialising with family.

Why not save water and eliminate the need for polluting lawnmowers, and use artificial grass to fill in your landscape? Your fake grass will look just like the real thing with proper ground preparation and construction materials. This article will share with you the things that you should know about using artificial grass in Dubai. If you need any help, why not contact us? We are experienced installers and would be happy to give you a quote.


1- Drainage and Base Construction

In general, most artificial lawns begin with a 5-inch excavation. At the bottom is a series of pipe drains that will be custom-designed for your property; water must drain from the area regularly to avoid bacterial growth. A standard base layer covering the drainage area is a 2 to 3-inch-thick mixture of 60% crushed rock and 40% fine aggregate. When these rocks are levelled, they form a solid, water-permeable layer for the top grass layer. The mixture of large and small stones helps the base layer to remain stable and flat for several years, even with heavy foot traffic on the lawn.


2- Turf Characteristics

When shopping for artificial grass, look for turf with an ultraviolet (UV) protective coating. While many artificial grass installations are in shaded areas, turf in full sun needs fading and weathering protection. Good quality grass should easily tolerate hot Dubai summers, but if it gets hot, why not use a hose pipe to cool it down?


3- Maintenance

While artificial grass is less time-consuming to maintain than natural turf, it is not maintenance-free. To keep the lawn looking neat, you’ll need to sweep leaves and dirt from it, and you’ll need to brush the blades themselves. Foot traffic can cause the grass blades to compact over time if it is not maintained. Brushing the lawn returns the grass blades to their original location. With good raking and cleaning, your lawn will look lush and realistic for several years.


4- Density and Weight

Turf density (also known as pile weight) is defined as the amount of fibre or yarn per square unit of turf. A thick turf has more yarn content and hence is more costly.

Dense turfs add visual value to the lawn while also being more robust in high-traffic areas.

For those who want a lush lawn with minimal upkeep, artificial grass can be a lifesaver. However, installing artificial grass is a big investment, so make sure you choose a product and installer that you are confident with!

With the knowledge given here, you now understand which factors you should consider before purchasing artificial grass. So don’t put it off any longer; make the smart choice and get the lawn of your dreams!


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