Artificial Grass - Busting the Myths

March 23, 2022

There are a few illusions about artificial grass that are simply not true, ranging from being too expensive to looking false to being terrible for the environment – and these beliefs may be preventing you from using artificial grass for your next project.

We dispel a few of the most frequent myths in this blog, so you can be confident that artificial grass is the right choice for you.

It’s not expensive! Artificial or fake grass can be extremely cost-effective in the long run, even costing less than a natural lawn. When you factor in the expense of lawn mowers, grass feed, fertilizers, pesticides, hoses, water usage, trimmers, and re-turfing that are required to keep a genuine lawn looking nice, artificial or fake grass is significantly less expensive than real grass over its entire lifespan.

fake grass isn’t tough to keep up with; in fact, it’s a lot easier to keep up with than real turf, which necessitates regular watering, feeding, fertilizing, and mowing. To maintain fake grass, just remove leaf litter and debris using a leaf blower, stiff brush, or plastic rake, and spray it down with a little detergent and a stiff brush if the grass becomes muddy.

Another fake grass misconception is that it is unsuitable for canines. Nonetheless, artificial turf is incredibly pet friendly, and dogs as well as their owners enjoy it. Dogs like playing on fake grass just as much as they do on genuine grass, but without wreaking havoc on your lawn. Artificial or fake grass cannot be dug up or ruined by muddy patches, therefore there will be no more digging holes and no more muddy paws in the house when the dog goes out in the garden. As a result, your landscape will remain sleek and attractive all year. fake grass is also non-toxic, hygienic, and urine-resistant, so your lovely green lawn won’t be marred by yellow stains.

Artificial grass in dubai
Artificial grass in dubai

Artificial or fake grass may have begun on football fields, but it has progressed far beyond its original function as a sports surface. From back gardens to business locations to play areas, fake grass is used in several ways nowadays. It is significantly more versatile than genuine grass, with a vast choice of styles, colors, and pile heights to pick from. It is also not confined to sports pitches. In the yard, on roof terraces and balconies, in bars and restaurants, in offices and gyms, for events and presentations, in playgrounds, surrounding pool areas, and in dog kennels, fake grass looks fantastic!

It does not look fake. Artificial turf may have appeared synthetic and unlike natural grass when it was originally manufactured, but it has come a long way in recent years, and now look and feel much like the genuine thing. Many people can’t tell the difference between a genuine lawn and an artificial lawn because premium fake grass is produced to such a high degree that it looks and feels natural.

Fake Grass

Artificial or fake grass might not be as harmful to the environment as previously assumed. This is because, unlike natural grass, an artificial lawn does not require the use of a lawnmower to maintain it, and according to studies, a gas-powered lawn mower can release the same amount of pollution as driving 100 miles in a car! Furthermore, unlike natural grass, fake grass does not require watering, making your lawn more environmentally friendly by reducing water consumption. fake grass does not require fertilizer or pesticides to keep it looking beautiful, both of which are harmful to the environment and wildlife.

If you have any additional questions regarding artificial grass, contact us now. We’ll be happy to dispel any more myths you’ve heard, so you can be certain that we’re the best choice for your next project. Follow us on Facebook & Instagram for more details.


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