Artificial grass: a man-made material designed to look like natural grass.
All weather training: one of the key advantages for artificial grass used in a sporting environment is the ability to use the surface in most weather conditions.
Artificial turf: another term for artificial grass.
Astro turf: a term with 2 meanings:

  1. a registered trademark brand for an artificial grass product developed in the 1960’s and first installed in the Astrodome in Texas, USA
  1. commonly accepted as a generic term to refer to any kind of artificial grass product (much in the same way as hoover is used by many people to describe a vacuum cleaner)

Base: used to refer to the ground immediately below the artificial grass. Typically the base is compacted sand and grit. Our artificial grass installation guides give more details.
Bobbins: the process of artificial grass manufacture starts with large bobbins of specialist yarn. We generally use 6kg size.
Colourfast: the artificial grass colour should be stable and not fade or alter over the life of the grass.
Collector board: feeds the yarn down to the needles which tuft the artificial grass yarn into a polypropylene backing.
Creel: a highly specialised term used in our artificial grass factory – the creel holds the bobbins of yarn.
Critical Fall Height: a term relating to the fall height below which a life-threatening injury would not be expected. Where play surfaces are concerned, British Standards have strict criteria relating to CFH achievement.
Cruises: artificial grass is often installed on cruise liners. In an environment where natural turf is clearly impractical this offers an ideal, colourful yet low maintenance solution.
Dtex: a manufacturing term relating to yarn measurement; an abbreviation of Decitex, it is the unit of the linear density of continuous yarn – equal to 0.90 of a denier or 0.10 of a tex.
Directional pile: when laying artificial grass you need to check to see if there is a directional pile within the yarn. Very much like matching patterns when pasting wallpaper this is a simple and easy check to do.
Drainage: it is important that surface water can drain through the artificial grass and disperse through the base material. Our artificial grass factory has specialised equipment for the perforation of drainage holes in the artificial grass. Guidelines for suitable base material can be found within our installation guides.
Durability: the potential for artificial grass fibres to stretch not tear. Helps maintain optimum condition.