We take great pride in knowing that the majority of our artificial grass has been manufactured personally, here in Britain. This way, we can guarantee to you that our products are of the highest-quality to meet your requirements.

Having opened over 35 years ago, our factory is the longest-standing of its kind in the UK. As a result, we have the knowledge and skills to give you the best artificial grass made in Britain.
Not only do we manufacture what we sell but our grass carpet is made in Britain – an extra source of pride for us. Located in Maryport, Cumbria our factory is traditionally British, with the majority of the staff being local people.

Yarn from factory
Our yarn is manufactured right here in Britain

The manufacturing process is overseen by our specially trained staff, all of whom are charged with specific tasks to ensure the process is a success. We pride ourselves on stringent, thorough checks throughout and utilise only top-standard yarn, primary backing and latex.
Manufacturing plastic turf from our own factory allows us to cater to specific customer needs. If you require a different coloured yarn to be used, or you are looking for grass for a roof garden, for example, we can create your specific grass here in the UK.

How is artificial grass made?

Our manufacturing process for artificial grass can be split into three processes; tufting, backing and inspecting.


The tufting operation sees the collector board feed the yarn through threading bars and yarn detectors, right down to the needles. Once this has been completed, the yarn is stitched into the primary backing.
After being checked, the tufted primary backing comes off the machine and goes through a lapping frame, in order to be lap folded into lapping burrows. The process of lap folding is extremely important, as this works to preserve the quality of the tufting. Our product is not rolled at this stage, due to the risk of pile distortion or damage occurring to the backing stitches.
Tufting Grass


Once our dedicated staff are happy with the tufting process, the tufted product is transported to the backing plant. This is done via rubber wheeled, lapping barrows to undergo top-to-bottom sewing.
A latex coating is applied to the finished, tufted material, before a scraping or doctor blade removes any excess to ensure the product is at the correct weight per square metre.
Next, the product is put into one of our ovens for curing before being fed into the perforation unit, where draining holes are punched into the material. This is important when allowing the material to perform if faced with inclement weathers or spillages.
Finally, the product goes into the accumulator, where the grass carpet is stored and re-rolling can occur.


Our brand is built on quality and you can rest assured that our team of experts thrive on delivering an excellent service to you. Thorough inspections are made throughout the manufacturing process, right up to delivery, to make sure that you receive the best possible product that we are proud to offer.

Lady inspecting turf
Inspecting is a crucial part of our work

What can artificial grass be used for?

Each type of BuzzGrass artificial turf is made in the UK and meets specific manufacturing requirements to ensure that each type of artificial grass is of the highest standard. Our artificial grass is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, including but not limited to:
Uses for artificial grass outdoors:

  • Gardens
  • Balconies
  • Play areas
  • Caravan parks
  • Dog runs
  • Roof terraces
  • Pathways
  • Exhibitions and trade fairs

Uses for indoor artificial grass:

  • Bars and restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Office space
  • Schools and nurseries
  • Swimming pool surrounds

View our inspiration gallery to see a collection of uses and case studies of our artificial grass.
What’s more, our facilities produce turf for SIS Pitches who are an international leader in sports pitch provision. Turf produced here meets FIFA, World Rugby and FIH standards and has been chosen for 6 of the 12 2018 World Cup pitches!
Our artificial grass is made in Maryport and used internationally. You can buy our artificial grass online today or do not hesitate to contact us where one of our friendly team will be happy to discuss your requirements with you.